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In the August 2011 issue of Virginia Living you’ll fin an epic retrospective about the rich 100-year-old surfing tradition in Virginia Beach, the birthplace of East Coast surfing. From the beach to the woods, we venture into Shenandoah National Park for a deeper look at the park’s 200,000 acres of raw, splendid nature as it celebrates its 75th anniversary, and we get excited about all-things-cherry with a visit to 103-year-old Levering Orchard in Ararat. We try to suss out what it is that has made the shag the house dance of the South and take a peek inside a sophisticated weekend redoubt filled with light and air on Carter’s Creek. Also inside: Capt. Mary M. Jackson, the first female commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk; an interview with Civil War artifact expert Shannon Pritchard; multi-faceted VCU professor Richard Roth; a witty historical radio show and more.

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  • 230717_VirginiaLiving_018.jpg

    Photo credit: Kyle LaFerrier

    National Botanic Garden

    The highest point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Blue Ridge Mountains is a 550-foot, man-made mountain in Chantilly at the National Botanic Garden. Its creator is nature lover, businessman, and co-owner Peter Knop, who spent 30 years creating it. Read more


  • 01991WillAndMaryII.jpg

    Illustration by Jon Berkeley.

    William and Mary's Marriage

    The bride, 15-year-old Mary, cried through the ceremony, hardly swept off her feet by the groom, her first cousin William. Introduced a few days earlier, she’d
been weeping ever since. Read more

    Culture Virginiana

  • CHOR_Drone_Markham_02232023_1001_new-sky_CMYK[57].jpg

    Photo courtesy of VCU.

    VCU's Children's Tower Opens

    Treatment for broken arms to brain tumors is provided at the Children’s Tower, but needs that go beyond trauma care are also a priority. The kitchen serves food that kids love, like brick oven pizza and soft-serve ice cream. Read more