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127 Smartview Lane, Abingdon, Virginia 24210
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newsletter-July 23

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  • WineFinal.jpeg

    Illustration by Robert Neubecker

    Gen-Z's Wine Problem

    Millennials and Gen Zs are opting for cocktails over cabernet, beer over Burgundy, or are flat-out embracing the sober lifestyle like grown-ups maybe should. Read more


  • 230719_At-Altitude_14-Enhanced-NR.jpg

    Photo credit: Kyla LaFerrier.

    Gordon Campbell's Aerial Photography

    Born in New York City, and after several career reinventions, Gordon Campbell took up flying to reduce stress. Read more


  • 230801_VirginiaLiving_145.jpg

    Photo credit: Kyle LaFerrier.

    Travel to the Alleghany Highlands

    Every route in this mountain paradise is scenic. Anchored by the twin towns of 
Covington and Clifton Forge, the Alleghany Highlands sit smack in between The Omni Homestead Resort—20 miles to the east—and The 
Greenbrier, 20 miles west. Read more