Homemade Mayonnaise

A basic mayonnaise recipe

Mayonnaise and French fries at Staunton Grocery

Basic Mayonnaise Recipe:

1 each egg yolk (egg sizes vary so be aware that you may need more or less oil depending.)

1 tsp Dijon mustard (optional)

1 cup grape seed oil (substitute other neutral vegetable oils)

½ each juice of lemon

salt and pepper to taste

Whisk together egg yolk, mustard (if desired) and a pinch of salt in a medium stainless steel bowl (you may use a food processer for larger quantities. with a small batch like this recipe it will not work properly.). Add a few drops of oil and whisk. Gradually add the remainder of oil in a slow steady stream while continuing to whisk, stopping regularly to make sure that all the oil is incorporated. Mix in lemon juice and add black pepper and more salt if needed.

Note: If your mayonnaise separates during the process, don’t throw it away. In a fresh bowl start over with another egg yolk and drizzle in the broken mayo and adjust your amounts of oil and lemon juice.


1. Use farm fresh eggs! Homemade mayo is very stable if made properly and will keep as long as your eggs are fresh. If you purchase them from a local farm your mayo should be good for at least a week. If made with eggs from the grocery store I would recommend only making enough for the moment.

2. Make it punchy. If you want to add spices or herbs to your mayonnaise do so in the beginning of the process, prior to adding the oil, this way there will be even distribution of flavor.

3. Slow and Steady. When you first add the oil, start your stream as slowly as possible, otherwise the egg and oil will not emulsify, and look fatty and lumpy. If the emulsion is happening properly it will be cream and look like, well, mayo.

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