Greenfield Assisted Living Of Stafford

30 Kings Crest Drive, Stafford County, Virginia 22554

30 Kings Crest Drive, Stafford County, Virginia 22554

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FEB 2019

Moved my elderly relative into Greenfield of Stafford (They have various ones in the area) at the beginning of JAN2019.
When I initially looked at it, I went to it unannounced and received a tour, etc. It is a clean, fresh smelling facility. In other words it doesn't smell of urine or "old people".
You can either have individual rooms or shared rooms; individual rooms costing more.
From your base cost (being the type of room, individual or shared), the additional cost is the level of care that will need to be provided.
It is a 2 level facility, the top floor being for the memory loss. There is a security elevator so people can not wonder off.
Cable TV is included (basic Comcast cable), phone line is at individual cost if they want a phone in their room.
Staff is attentive and friendly from what I can concern; my relative and other residents I have befriended have told me they are treated well and not mistreated in anyway. I have asked staff members if Greenfield treats them right as employees and have gotten the same responses.
They have a monthly calendar of events posted and distributed to all.
Security for elderly that might wander off or go outside alone and are prohibited from doing so works as well.
I experience seeing an elder resident trying to go outside, and the doors immediately locked and no one could get out? We were not aware at the time why we could not get out... A staff members came and took the resident away from the door, and the doors then unlocked for us. They have some type of security that prevented her from opening the door. It was comforting to see that that type of security was in place, had my relative needed it.
All and all this facility as of FEB2019 is excellent and I have nothing negative to say. I will revisit the review if I see something I am not satisfied with.
One thing about the heat, the heating systems in the rooms then to run very HOT. Even with an adjustment down. We found the sweet spot but the rooms tend to be very warm.

M Frederick more than 4 years ago

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