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Leni Sorensen

Leni is a renaissance woman form whom all of us can learn. A beautiful article that should inspire us to broaden our horizons and to create an opportunity to meet Leni Sorensen.

Rowena Morrel more than 13 years ago

Nice article!!

If I knew Leni was present at Monticello one weekend soon, I'd make the trip. Yup, it's only a 200 mile trip. more than 13 years ago

wonderful read...

Thank you for this beautifully written article (story). I really enjoyed reading about this amazing woman and her journey through life and all that she has accomplished.

Jan more than 13 years ago

Thats my mom!

What a beautiful, well worded, and complete look at my mother, who is my inspiration for everything. I am so glad you had the chance to expierience what really is her everyday life and share it with everyone. I am so lucky to have grown up there with all of "that":) Thank you and Im glad you enjoyed!

Winter Meyeres (Sorensen) more than 13 years ago

Tumaro's Tamales

Back in 1976, I began distributing Tumaro's Tamales around California, together with Al Jacobson's Garden of Eatin' products that were quickly becoming very popular. Everyone was interested in new vegetarian foods and the demand for the tamales was soon growing beyond their capacity for preparing them. I wonder if Ms. Sorensen was still involved in that business at that time.

Patric Alan more than 5 years ago

Great Article


Wonderful article on a wonderful woman. Leni always makes me think of my grandmom 'ladybug" who was a great gardener, seamstress, canner and wine maker. You are a woman of many talents, Leni.
(You ain't too bad yourself, Kendra, smile.)

Shirley Solomon Parrish more than 13 years ago

wonderful article

What a lovely and well-written profile of a fascinating woman! Thanks Virginia Living for bringing Ms. Sorensen's story to light.

Karen more than 13 years ago

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