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Virginia Repertory Theatre

2011’s “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

“We are continuing the tradition and mission of Barksdale Theatre to produce the great plays past, present and future,” says artistic director Bruce Miller. “We interpret this to mean we are going to do classics, world premieres, hot new plays that recently closed on Broadway and popular plays of world theatre. The shows have broad-based appeal so everyone in the community will find something to love in the season.” Virginia Rep focuses on shows that have the most artistic weight for its Signature Season. It also presents seasons at Hanover Tavern and Theatre Gym in partnership with Cadence Theatre Company. “We do plays there that are bold, edgy and very contemporary for theater aficionados,” Miller says.

In its Signature Season, Virginia Rep will perform only the second production of the new play “Night Blooms,” written by Richmonder Margaret Baldwin. The play, which premiered in Atlanta, is a compelling family drama set in Selma, Alabama, on the eve of the 1965 civil rights marches. Virginia Rep is also bringing back Noel Coward’s classic comedy “Hay Fever.” “It was last done at Barksdale in 1955 at the very beginning of Barksdale Theatre,” Miller says. “No one has done it here in decades.” Another special offering: The Tony-award winning drama “Red,” a portrait of artist Mark Rothko’s ambition and vulnerability. “It’s a great opportunity to partner with our visual arts colleagues,” Miller says. “We will be transforming Theatre Gym into Rothko’s studio. I’m excited about the edginess and the opportunity that we have to get a visceral connection between the performance and the audience.”


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