Quaint, Quirky and Cosmopolitan: Charlottesville



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Charlottesville IS a dull backwater. You, along with your cohorts in the artsy fartsy district belong to an elitist group who continue claiming Charlottesville has that big city feel to it. You live in a fog of your own creation; MOST of Charlottesville has an Applebee's mentality while the rest are pretentious at best. Little opportunity and total lack of balance created by the utter dominance of the university....Charlottesville lacks guidance in the way it has been developed (as evidenced by that annoying drive up or down Emmett Street). You obviously didn't grow up here.

Backwater Yokle more than 11 years ago

Cosmopolitan Cville

Well written, well said and I couldn't agree more! Was looking for the same after NYC and LA. Only correction: Virginia Film Fest is held the first week in November. A not to be missed event!

Broocks Willich more than 11 years ago

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