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Great Uncle Jim

Oh how I remember him, he looked the same every single time I saw him and sweet Bessie. He and my Grandfather (Papaw) Stan Yarber were Brothers. They Yarber's are a big Family. Many of them are gone now and I miss them so. I do not think I have ever seen any furniture as beautiful as the Yarber's have made. Beautiful music.

Susanna Elizabeth Yarber Martinez more than 7 years ago

my grandfather

As a young kid i would spend every summer growing up at my grandfathers house, i would clean out his shop where he made beautiful hand made furniture and on sunday afternoon i would sit a listen to my grandfather or as we called papaw play his banjo and to this day i have never heard anyone play like him the man never had a lesson in his life and not only could he play the banjo he could play an asortment of musical instruments very talented in everything my grandfather chose to do, a great man in all aspects of life

Jack l Blevins more than 7 years ago

Uncle Jim Yarber

Jim Yarber was my Great Uncle, my Grandfather Lonnie Yarber was his brother and they looked alot alike. I have fond memories of visiting Uncle Jim and Aunt Bessie as we called them.I loved the smell of his wood shop and playing with the scrap wood. I also remember getting into trouble with my cousin Deana Yarber, (Daughter of Uncle Jims son Frank Yarber,who is one of the Brothers who still runs The Yarber Chair Co. today,) We got in trouble after getting caught eating almost all the tomatos in Uncle Jims garden. The trouble was not that we ate them, but that we only took one bite out of each one before we throw it down on the ground and then get another one.... We couldn't of been more than 5 years old. Needless to say,We never got into Uncle Jims garden again...Funny, the things you remember.....

Mona Yarber Greer more than 10 years ago

James Yarber

Jim Yarber was my great uncle,and visiting him was always a treat.We would watch him create something beautiful out of a chunk of wood that would later be shipped around the world. His creations on a banjo was just as beautiful,playing in the shop or sitting outside the shop,whenever he played we listened.He was a very talented man and missed by so many.

Darrellene Yarber Routh more than 11 years ago

Banjo men

James Yarber was my grandfather too! I was awakened many a morning before daylight with banjo music playing and the wonderful smells of bacon and gravy that my granny was cooking. I miss them both. I was given a copy of the magazine for Christmas.

Debbie Buckles more than 12 years ago

Banjo Men

It is truly inspiring reading stories of progressive musicians overcoming adversity to pursue what they love. It is that diligent pursuit of the arts that has helped shape our unique culture here in the Appalachian Mountains. I never had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Yarber but I have been blessed to know and have relationships with several of his descendants. Never in my life have I met a more talented and inspiring family. Having had the opportunity to play and sing with them, I can honestly say that the pursuit and love for the arts is alive and well in our region. Mr. Yarber and his "banjer" may be gone but his memory and love for the arts lives on through his family.

Adam Cole more than 12 years ago

Banjo men

James Yarber was my grandfather!! The tears ran down my cheeks as I read your article,.it brought back so many memories of seeing him sit by the old cook stove playing the "banjer". Thank you so much for writing and sharing the picture.

Lisa Martin more than 12 years ago

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