February 2023 Issue


In February, we're celebrating the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts' 50th anniversary, exploring the wonders of  Virginia Beach's "off-season," and identifying 29 Virginia originals from the tune "Taps" to ice cream cones. In Middleburg, discover the secret love-letter affair that happened at the Welbourne estate, and get the scoop on how Lynnhaven launched our oyster obsession. Read about Statler Brother Don Reid’s story of music and laughter as well as the science of circadian medicine—understanding the body's natural rhythms—and one Virginia Tech teacher's attempt to make Virginia the sixth Bluze Zone. We've also included Ted Lasso's biscuit recipe, an interview with Stephanie Stuckey (as they revive the classic roadside oasis), and why we love Junior League Cookbooks. And lastly, in our special wedding section, discover the trends we love and ten incredible wedding couples' spectacular Big Day celebrations.

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  • King Spa Chantilly_Photo Shoot-70.jpg

    Photos courtesy of King Spa.

    King Spa in Chantilly

    When you step into King Spa, you must make some choices: Do you take off your clothes to soak naked in a 102°F pool with strangers? Or do you change into a provided cotton uniform and step into a hot sauna? Read more



    Illustration by S. Clusky

    All About Acorns

    Acorns are, of course, the fruit of oak trees. And they fall—of course—because tiny acorns/mighty oaks ... you know the drill. Acorns are how oak trees make more oak trees. Read more


  • image0-r edit.jpg

    Photo credit: Fred + Elliot Photography.

    Farmacy Restaurant is Low Country Inspired Seafood

    Farmasea brings full-body Southern flavor profiles to its menu. The food is heavily influenced by Carolina Lowcountry cuisine refined by big city chefs and served using Coastal Virginia’s local ingredients. Read more