Posh Nosh

Canine cuisine!

Glennis Lofland

Doggie Treats

River gets a treat at Working Dog Bakery

Gourmet dog bakeries are turning out homemade snacks that even the most discerning doggie diner won’t be able to refuse!

Bacon Biscuits

Working Dog Bakery, Suffolk

If people can get bacon-flavored vodka and bacon-flavored mayonnaise, then why should Fido miss out on “bacon mania?” These treats from Working Dog Bakery are made with real bacon; sure to make your dog drool, and maybe you as well! $8 for a half-pound bag. WorkingDogBakery.com

Going Postal

Barkley Square Bakery, Alexandria

Dog is man’s best friend, unless you’re the mailman. Now your dog can finally taste the forbidden flavor of letter-carrier with these delightful doggie treats, which come in DHL, USPS and FedEx-uniformed varieties. $4 single, $20 for a dozen. BarkleySquare.com


Marley’s Barkery, Richmond

Who said you can’t enjoy happy hour with your furry, four-legged companion? Marley’s Barkery makes these apple-flavored dog treats in the shape of martinis, because, well, it’s 5:00 somewhere. $1.50 per cookie. MarleysBarkery.com

Pupcakes and Puptarts

Three Dog Bakery, Richmond

Amid their enormous selection of cookies, cakes, brownies, bars and even biscotti, Three Dog Bakery offers an assortment of puptarts and pupcakes. These are one of Three Dog’s top sellers, so it’s unlikely your pooch will turn his nose up at a luscious looking cup-, er, pupcake. Two for $1.50. ThreeDogBakery.com

Snicker Poodles and Squirrels

Dogma Bakery, Arlington

Made with all-natural ingredients and without any fancy frostings, Dogma Bakery’s treats can simply satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth, especially with cookies shaped like your dog’s favorite things: squirrels and cats. $5 per dozen. DogmaBakery.com

June 11, 2022

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