Cheers to Us

Five of our favorite cocktails for spring.

The Hot and Heavy

The Hot and Heavy

1 ounce Belle Isle Honey Habanero Moonshine
½ ounce Belle Isle Ruby Red Grapefruit Moonshine
½ ounce aperol lime wedge club soda

Combine moonshines and aperol into a glass. Add ice, and top with club soda. Squeeze the fresh lime wedge over top, then add to the glass for more citrus flavor.

The Manhattan Cocktail

The Manhattan

2 ounces Bourbon or rye whisky
½ ounce sweet vermouth
2 dashes bitters
shaved ice
maraschino cherry or lemon zest to garnish

Stir together first 3 ingredients, then pour into a coupe. Add shaved ice and garnish.

The Traveller Cocktail

The Traveller

2 ounces Lexington bourbon
½ ounce Domaine de Canton
ginger liqueur
1 ounce simple syrup
1 dash lemon bitters
ginger brew, your choice of brand, to fill
sliced lemon and rosemary sprigs to garnish

Fill highball glass with cubed or crushed ice. Pour ingredients into the glass and stir. Garnish to taste.

The Black Dahlia

The Black Dahlia

1 ½ ounces Bourbon
¾ ounce orgeat syrup
¾ ounce lime juice
1 muddled strawberry
¼ teaspoon of activated charcoal

Mix first 3 ingredients with muddled strawberry. Mix in charcoal for color and strain into glass.


Lillet Blanc Mimosas

1 bottle (750 ml) dry sparkling wine, chilled
3 cups orange juice, chilled
1⁄2 cup Lillet Blanc
orange slices

Fill a large pitcher halfway with sparkling wine. Add orange juice and Lillet blanc. Garnish with orange slices, and serve in champagne utes, or for a less dainty approach, stemless wine glasses.

June 11, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum
July 9, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum
August 13, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum