Liquid Courage

Looking for an award-winning whiskey to add to your collection? Virginia Distillery, the most awarded single malt whiskey distillery in the state, launched their Double Cask Reserve American Single Malt Whisky for exclusive purchase (and probably consumption) in Virginia—up until now.

This double cask reserve is their latest American single malt whiskey. The distillery individually ages each bottle for at least five years in first-fill bourbon casks, and STR European red wine cuvée casks, before gradually vatting them together. 

The STR casks, as the cuvée casks are known, give a robust quality to the whiskey after they are STR-ed (shaved, re-toasted, and briefly re-charred) before they’re then used to age whiskey. Blends are made with the highest quality malted barley and water straight from the Blue Ridge Mountains.

The taste is like citrus-meets-butterscotch, but softened by the smoothness of apricot. When it’s in your mouth, this particular blend also reveals notes of peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream, with a splash of chocolate syrup and a dash of ginger. 

This single malt captures the best parts of winter in your snifter. Perfect for changing seasons and initially exclusive to Virginia, it made its national debut country in September. Cheers to that.

More still

Throughout the state, distilleries are popping up, specializing in booze of all kinds. How to know if your sips taste interesting-in-a-good-way? Check out a sampling of our favorite award-winning distilleries. Some even served up competition at the very same boozy events as Virginia Distillery Co.

Cape Charles Distillery: The Eastern Shore standard, Cape Charles Distillery is known for their rye, bourbon, and (if you’re feeling adventurous) their moonshine. Visit the downtown Cape for their bottles, stay for their cocktails and raw bar. 

Catoctin Creek Distillery: Based in Purcellville and one of NoVa’s truly standout distilleries, Catoctin Creek is known for their award-winning Roundstone Rye whiskey.

Copper Fox Distillery: Known for their double pot distilling process, Copper Fox is the Commonwealth’s answer to larger single malt outfits. Their difference? The smokey, fruity taste is the result of a lower-proof distilling process. In Sperryville and Williamsburg.

Davis Valley WINERY & Distillery: This small-batch, craft distillery in rural Wythe County makes moonshine, whiskey, and vodka in their pot stills. All their spirits are made with water containing limestone, the secret that makes their liquor taste better.

Have a favorite? Email us at [email protected] with your favorite distillery.

The Perfect Manhattan

Whisky aged in two types of casks meets two types of vermouth in this elevated and perfect Manhattan. 

2 oz. Courage & Conviction

Double Cask Reserve

½ oz. sweet vermouth

½ oz. dry vermouth

1 teaspoon Cointreau

Orange peel garnish

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass of ice and stir.  Strain into glass.  Express orange oil over the top and garnish with the peel.

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