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Re. ingredients question

Thanks for checking in. Yes, the stew pictured is the Stoof, and the brightly colored ingredients on top are a garnish of parsley, tomato and mushrooms (the larger white chunks). Enjoy.

Christine more than 13 years ago

Ingredients question for Vlaamse Stoof Karbonaden

Hello, Is the stew pictured on page 46 of the February 2010 issue the flemish beef stew Vlaamse Stoof Karbonaden? There are no captions underneath the bowl. If it is the stew, there looks like extra ingredients than mentioned in the recipe like parsley garnish, chopped fresh tomato garnish as well as what looks like potato or maybe the large white chunks (not referring to the rice) are oversized onions or garlic. Could you please elaborate what the extra garnish ingredients are. The blend of stew ingredients sounds good and I am interested in making it. Please clarify. Thank you. more than 13 years ago

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