Where Richmond Shopped for 150 Years



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I worked at the downtown Richmond store in 1969 and 1970

I worked at the downtown Richmond store in 1969 and 1970. This was one of the most interesting things I ever did. There was such a sense of community and family there. Mary Tuck, Barry Giddings, the folks in the basement shoe repair shop. The Richmond room and the place to eat in the basement. Retail has changed, and as I see it, not in a positive way. I wish the store was there still as a museum. Truly, a lost piece of valuable southern history.

Mike Stewart more than 9 years ago

Part employment time in the 50's

I worked part time for Thalhimers in the summers and during the holidays while I was going to Durham High School in Durham NC.
Of course my family did a lot of shopping in the store, formals for the dances at school, I remember a little white fur cape as a wrap on a cold night, purchased at Thalhimers.
Back then all of ther clerks were required to wear dark traditional dresses. Oh, how I miss those days. The women shoppers usually wore hats and gloves!
I remember that Mr. Stone was the Manager of that store.

Jean Lynch Holt more than 12 years ago

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