Pieces of a Man

5 closet essentials that every guy should have.

Photo courtesy of Davelle Clothiers

David Eisele Sr. is the owner of Davelle Clothiers where you can set up the basics of your top-quality collection.

Essentials are just that. Still, many men who want to dress better don’t know where to start. Here’s a list of five wardrobe staples that will help any man’s wardrobe be timeless, versatile, and elegant. 

A navy-blue suit

Want to stand out from the crowd? Forget black—a navy-blue suit is casual, yet elevated. David Eisele Sr., owner of Davelle Clothiers in Reston, says a suit in the most expensive fabric that fits your budget is the way to go. “It works on all occasions, and you’ll be a standout from all the other cheap suits!”

A quality white shirt

“Most men buy on price and then they wonder what has happened after a couple of launderings. Cheap shirts reveal themselves very quickly when worn and washed,” says Eisele.

Jeans or trousers

Well-fitting denim or wool trousers can be paired with more casual shirts or collared tops for a put-together look.


Slip-ons “make everyone say how could you pick a pair of shoes so cool, yet timeless,” says Eisele. He recommends a pair from Di Bianco.

Clothing that fits

“Many people buy clothing without a three-year goal plan and don’t consider cost,” says Victor Dash of Dash’s of Old Town in Alexandria. When buying quality pieces, be sure that they fit correctly, too.

DavelleClothiers.com, DashsOfOldTown.com

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