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Re: Remarks on Article about Theatre IV

On behalf of the administrative and artistic staff here at Theatre IV, I would like to express how Caroline Kettlewell wonderfully and precisely captured the history, mission and life of a theatre company that was inaugurated back in 1975 by a pair of gentlemen, whose sensitivity to bringing live theatre to children across this vast nation, has benefited the lives of others in ways that are not always visible.

Moreover, throughout her article, Ms. Kettlewell communicates the important role that Theatre IV plays in reinforcing the lessons taught in the classroom by bringing the lives of those studied to life. Udoubtedly, this medium serves as an effective tool to enable students to better understand and make sense of what they are required to learn in school. It does so in a very fun, enthusiastic manner. In effect, it allows children to develop a greater appreciation for and pride in their history, culture and American heritage.

Anonymous more than 13 years ago

newsletter-July 23
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