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7 party planning trends we can’t get enough of.

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Whether you love them or hate them, trends are peppered throughout fashion, home décor—avocado stove, anyone?—and, yes, even weddings. When it comes to spotting what’s passé and what’s next, there’s no one better to consult than Virginia wedding vendors. So, from florals to colors, here are seven trends that we hope stick around for a while.

1. Use a vibrant color palette (finally!).

“Color is back in wedding color palettes. A bright, cheerful palette at a wedding will immediately put a smile on guests’ faces, and a sexy, lush scheme will make them swoon. 2021 will be about pleasing the wedding guests in all ways, and visually, color is the way to do that.”

—Janice Carnevale, Bellwether Events, Falls Church

2. Incorporate video to save your memories.

“Videography is no longer an option; it is a must-have. Couples will want a well-made wedding video that they can share with their out-of-town family and their social networks. Long considered a luxury, this now essential service will skyrocket in popularity.”

—Janice Carnevale

3. Have an Insta-worthy backdrop.

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“Creating the perfect backdrop for your guests’ social media posting pleasure is still a high priority. Many couples say they still want to make a statement even if their guest count is drastically reduced, thus leading to incredible ceremony inspiration.”

—Bron Hansboro, The Flower Guy Bron, Richmond

4. Celebrate in a familiar space.

“Couples impacted directly by COVID-19, as well as many who weren’t, are getting back to the basics. The practicality of backyard wedding celebrations is becoming less of a faux pas and favored in contrast to less intimate venues.”

—Bron Hansboro

5. Add a bit of luxury alongside practicality.

“I am seeing more intimate events with less than 100 people, especially for weddings. Clients are more cautious, so adding a cute sanitation station is in. Luxe furniture seating and geometric frames accented with fresh flowers are becoming more popular for weddings and events.”

—Shiron L. Haskins, HLS PartiesGalore, Richmond

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6. Plan a micro-wedding while reallocating your budget.

“Due to COVID-19, many weddings this year had to minimize their guest count. … This trend will likely continue. With a smaller guest count, couples have a larger budget to make their wedding more ornate, leaving room for more design elements—larger floral installations, unique table settings, and additional details they didn’t have before.” —Colleen McDonough, The Joys of June, Arlington

7. Focus on sustainability.

“Couples are getting more serious about sustainability when it comes to weddings. This goes for flowers, dishes, and gowns. I have had couples who have elected for consignment gowns, wooden flowers, and vintage glassware for their reception.” —Meghan Butcher, The Dirty Blonde Stylist, Richmond 

 “Couples will likely be using fewer fresh blooms, and we will see more mediums of dried, preserved, and non-floral elements. Also, notice as designs start to incorporate heavy hard-good items, especially various candle styles.” —Bron Hansboro, The Flower Guy Bron

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This article originally appeared in the February 2021 issue.

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