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Anne Spencer

Well, Anne I am doing a project on you. I think that you are mighty good woman and I look up to you. I hope you live a looooong time. Thank you, God bless.

I love youu (:

Regina Ann Moses ;) more than 11 years ago

Poet Anne Spencer

Living in Ohio, it makes me proud to read an article such as this about an amazing woman from my hometown. The entire Spencer family is extremely talented and wonderful people. I now live in Dayton, Ohio where Chauncey Spencer, Anne Spencer's son is fondly remembered from his time here and his involvement with the Tuskegee Airmen. My family is fortunate to live next door to the Spencer's and to learn about this history from the family. I hope many people will take the opportunity to see the film. I plan to when I visit home.

Reva (Cardwell) Cosby more than 12 years ago

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