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Any update

Has Lester Weber been released in June of 2012 as scheduled?

Trip more than 11 years ago

Mariners' Museum

My family has had a collection of 20 halfhulls made by 3 generations of the Steers family on loan to the Mariners' Museum since 1936. To to say that this news of theft from the same museum was disturbing would be a huge understatement. Due to my family's maritime heratige and my own research i have had the pleasure to be able to call the "Swiss gentleman" a friend. It's nice to know that there are others out there willing to put their butts on the line when confronting frauds, fakes, and theives. These crooks are no different than the greedy pothunters who desrtoy ancient burial grounds for personal gain

Henry Steers III more than 12 years ago

Gentleman from Switzerland

I am proud to know the gentleman from Switzerland. Not only is he highly intelligent, but he had guts to get involved in preserving the Mariners' Museum materials. Lori E. Childs referred to her involvement saying something like, "It was just walking-around money". It might be true that her jeans' pockets are deeper than most! The gentleman from Switzerland acted like a one-man Art Theft Squad and is to be congratulated for doing the right and courageous thing. His discoveries were noted not only in the museum biz but also in the yacht club curators' world where there are considerable opportunities to remove objects.

Annie more than 12 years ago


This is a terrible tragedy. I loved the Mariner's Museum when I was a kid and this is very disturbing.

Lucy more than 13 years ago

Enjoyed reading this.

Thanks. Was a very good read.

more than 13 years ago

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