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Thanks David for your efforts at encouraging reading. I taught high school history for 38 years and I found an extremely high relationship between those who read well and getting good grades in school. Poor and non-readers very often lose interest in the subject because it is so hard for them and they give up. I have read all the books you have written and just really enjoy them. My favorite is, the next one you write usually, but "Wish You Well" touched me deeply. Thanks for keeping the foul language minimalized in your books. Good writing doesn't need it and you are an excellent writer.

Jerry Mower more than 10 years ago

reading Baldacci books

Thank you, David, for your great talent in story telling. I started reading your books four years ago. At that time, our local library had the first book that I had read, ( The Simple Truth ). I was so caught up in your style of story telling, that I read all the books I could find. After that, I went to used book stores, and actually located five of your books at one location, of course buying them all. We are on limited budget, so I don't always buy your books when they first come out. I just purchased two more that I was lucky to find, again at a used book store. I have promoted your books, and now share them with friends and family. I just bought "The Innocent", a new book, and am excited to start reading this one. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your talent as an author. I suppose you get lots of email like mine, but I am sending this note to you anyway. Thank you!

Karen J Smith more than 10 years ago

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