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Northern Neck culture and it's future

I have lived here since 2005. My wife grew up here and she has deep family roots in the Northern Neck. I consider myself a "brought here". ;) This article is great at talking about the Northern Neck's appeal to retired people and summer vacationers.

My wife and I don't fit either of those categories (and there are a good number of families like us in the Northern Neck with young children).. We are in our early 40s and have a preschool age son. My wife owns a coffee shop in the Lancaster Court House area.

I have found that the employment issues of the locals (those that have lived here their whole lives), who have been hurt by this economic recession, is a real underlying problem here. Alot of them are suffering due to a major slowdown in construction of second homes and slowdown other jobs available. Also there are a limited number of jobs, and the local workforce can't ALL work in these retail establishments and the limited pool of other jobs. Also a large number of these retail businesses derive a majority of their revenue in the summer months and employee a small number of people in the workforce.

From November to March, must of these retail businesses are running with a skeleton group of employees... The winter months are very hard for people to retain a job or even find a new job in Lancaster county.

I personally would like to see a greater focus by local government on economic development and diversification (light manufacturing, high tech, etc...). Tourism money coming to the Northern Neck is not 12 months a year.

What opportunities exist locally for the kids graduating from High School in Lancaster County? Unless they go to college, their options are limited by our focus purely on tourism type retail businesses.

The article is great, but the voices and challenges of people raising families and educating their kids don't get enough attention from the local media. However, rosy the picture is presented in this article, the whole truth is harder for people to accept and help change.

These issues are all below the surface and will not go away without a broader focus on the citizens of Lancaster County. Check the unemployment rate in November, it is very high in Lancaster County historically.

Richard Pleasants more than 13 years ago

Raised not born

Born and raised, your comment is idiotic. Time moves on, get over it.

The "come here" snobbery is small-minded and has got to go. Those "come heres" bring vitality and prosperity (and pay taxes). They have more right to be there than you do.

more than 13 years ago


My grandmother and grandfather moved here in the 30s from Richmond as summer-folk. After they arrived, they were involved in the restoration of Christ Church, the raising of Grace Church,My grandmother wrote several "ditties" about Irvington, including "To Irvington With Love." She died at 104, a come-here. Most come-heres are like that. Welcome!

Grid Michal more than 13 years ago

Come Heres

The attitude of the Born and Raised commenter is why it is hard for some to ever really feel at home there. I lived there for 20+ years was married to a local and still would be called a "come here". It is a beautiful place to raise children..but growth happens and that is a good thing..welcome it!

more than 13 years ago

Great Place

I have lived here for 26 years..and am a teacher at the only High School in the county. What a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. I wouldn't go back to the city again if it was the last place on earth. Come visit us!!!

more than 13 years ago

Born and raised

It saddens me when I return to White Stone to visit with my family....Nothing is how it use to be! When I was younger I could never walk into a store without seeing someone I know... Now I am surrounded by strangers who seem to have "taken over".....It use to be called "The RIVER" it's "The RIVAH", I mean really, they have taken our town and turned it into a place where locals "don't belong"....Go back where you came from, so I can come home

more than 13 years ago

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