A Mighty Trail for a Mighty River



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re: John Ward's suggestion

Very classy comment, John. Or better yet, maybe it could be the start of route back to Europe for all those white people who killed the Indians. Fantastic idea!

Samantha M more than 11 years ago


Great proposal: It can also serve as a route back north for the carpetbaggers.

John Ward more than 11 years ago

article & proposal

The implementation of a trail along the James is long overdue. I grew up in NY state with the nearby Appalachian Trail, Vermont Long Trail and numerous other trails within the state. This trail would energize local communities and add to Virginia's attractions wjile preserving nature much like what is done out West

Charlie Pfister more than 11 years ago

article and proposal

I am excited. What a well written article and what an important plan! it seems to me that its time is way overdue. I will do everything I can to help make the plan come to fruition. I am sending this article on to many river supporters and users.

Molly Monvcure more than 11 years ago

Love it

I'd love to be a part of making this happen. If you want to help, support this with your state representatives. Join a local group, like the Friends of James River Park or James River Outdoor Coalition. Support Virginia Capital Trail...whatever it takes to show support and make it happen.

Phil Riggan more than 11 years ago

newsletter-July 23
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