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You want spring? Virginia Living's April issue brings you spring in its fullest glory, starting with the spectacular gardens at Mount Sharon in Orange County. We also visit two homes in Richmond's Church Hill that'll be open for this year's Historic Garden Week (as will the gardens at Mount Sharon). Want more? There's the Daffodil Show in Lynchburg—and asparagus statewide (with recipes). Also, see how a chic eatery in Roanoke's new Taubman Museum has lit a fire under that city's dining scene, and peek inside the expansive revamping of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Learn how bees work their sweet magic, about the challenges they face, and about what people are doing to help. All this and more in the April 2010 issue of Virginia Living.

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newsletter-July 23

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    Photo courtesy of the Ritz Carlton.

    British Afternoon Teas in Virginia

    To point the pinkie or to not point the pinkie? The question is eternal, but if you’re a tea afficionado and enjoy sipping from a china cup, you have plenty of options to immerse yourself in a modern-yet-proper very British tea. Read more


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    Photo credit: Kyle LaFerrier

    National Botanic Garden

    The highest point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Blue Ridge Mountains is a 550-foot, man-made mountain in Chantilly at the National Botanic Garden. Its creator is nature lover, businessman, and co-owner Peter Knop, who spent 30 years creating it. Read more


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    Illustration by Jon Berkeley.

    William and Mary's Marriage

    The bride, 15-year-old Mary, cried through the ceremony, hardly swept off her feet by the groom, her first cousin William. Introduced a few days earlier, she’d
been weeping ever since. Read more

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