October 2019 issue


In the October issue of Virginia Living, we offer a roundup of delicious side dishes by seven chefs from across the Commonwealth that are easy enough for weekdays but good enough for holidays. We invite you to join us at the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival in Ferrum, which for 50 years has presented a great opportunity to see traditional handcrafts, music, machinery, food, and animal contests including coon treeing and mule jumping, and we are taking you on an American music roadtrip from Memphis to New Orleans. We also trace the history of the former coalmines in Midlothian and we meet celebrity chef Patrick O’Connell, winner of the 2019 James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award. Plus, we present State of Education, our annual special section featuring Top High Schools & Colleges, a list of more than 150 programs demonstrating innovation and excellence in our schools. Pick up an issue today!

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    Photo credit: Kyle LaFerrier.

    Travel to the Alleghany Highlands

    Every route in this mountain paradise is scenic. Anchored by the twin towns of 
Covington and Clifton Forge, the Alleghany Highlands sit smack in between The Omni Homestead Resort—20 miles to the east—and The 
Greenbrier, 20 miles west. Read more


  • King Spa Chantilly_Photo Shoot-70.jpg

    Photos courtesy of King Spa.

    King Spa in Chantilly

    When you step into King Spa, you must make some choices: Do you take off your clothes to soak naked in a 102°F pool with strangers? Or do you change into a provided cotton uniform and step into a hot sauna? Read more



    Illustration by S. Clusky

    All About Acorns

    Acorns are, of course, the fruit of oak trees. And they fall—of course—because tiny acorns/mighty oaks ... you know the drill. Acorns are how oak trees make more oak trees. Read more