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Cloud Backed Permaculture; or how I learned to love the plant

The Farm is focused on the above mentioned specialty crops, we currently are focused on starting with Hops, then will move over the next few years into the others mentioned.

The core idea is to take our time and understand scientifically what it takes to grow these various types of plants and then research the most efficient way to manage the care and feeding.

The Farm will be leveraging AWS (Amazon Web Services) Cloud Technology and IOT (Internet of Things) physical sensors to monitor health metrics and then make informed hypotheses to ensure the most optimal conditions are maintained to further efficient research and development of not only the plants, but the best ways to care for them. We have found that data driven solutions can offer support in finding a permaculture balance to care for the plants.

(We use next-gen technology to drive an ecological solution, because nature is often far more efficient at solving these types of problems.)

These types of crops are starting to widely be grown by boutique farms and often require special care and even more special tools/equipment in most cases. Due to this high bar to entry, we believe it's difficult for small and micro-farmers (>50-100 acres; >20 acres) to break into the new world of boutique farming.

This has driven us to create a non-profit, Virginia Agrology Collective, "The VAC" (, to shoulder the heavy weight of disruptive research and specialty equipment sharing with our members. This will remove a huge barrier from those that are interested in furthering the love of agriculture and farming.

There is a long heritage of farming in our state and in recent years decisions have been made to consolidate agricultural contracts to larger and larger entities. We aren't against progress, but just like the internet... the best things are shared and decentralized by all interested parties.

The Farm at Glen Haven and The VAC are dedicated to creating a family-centric venue for enjoying nature, music, love (we do weddings!), and the progression of both Virginia's heritage and the technology that will support it.

Where we've come from should be a part of where we're going.

Soil to Cloud management and passion is what we believe will get us there.

Thanks so much to Virginia Living for shining a little light on our humble efforts!

Joshua Rucker
Adventurer and Explorer

Joshua Rucker (The Farm, The VAC) more than 6 years ago

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