Smoke & Salt 2019

For Smoke & Salt 2019, our guide to seriously good barbecue, oysters and more, we’ve expanded our scope to include all of Virginia’s fabulous homestyle foods. From cornbread to country ham, we’ll help you savor the state’s comfort-food favorites with restaurants and recipes that taste like home no matter where you are. We have also mapped the eight oyster regions of Virginia, complete with suggestions on where you can taste each type. We interviewed the folks behind a new type of oyster grown in the open Chesapeake Bay, and we went to Dredge, a new restaurant on the Northern Neck. Plus, we visit certified barbecue judge David Bailey behind the scenes at a professional barbecue competition, meet the pitmaster at a new Richmond restaurant, and find perhaps the most complicated rib recipe you’ve ever seen. Pick up an issue today!

That’s How We Stew It

Virginia stakes its claim on Brunswick stew.
June 17, 2024

Group Exhibition: Spiraling

Reynolds Gallery
June 17, 2024


Keegan Theatre