Virginia is for Chocolate Lovers

Treat your loved ones to sweet and savory artisan confections by Virginia makers. 

Whether you’re shopping for a holiday, birthday, or just for fun, you’re sure to find something please among these delicious treats, all made in Virginia. 

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Co.

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Co., Lexington

Cocoa Mill Chocolate Co. began making artisan chocolate confections in 1993. Today, the company revels in its national recognition as a creator of exquisite fair trade chocolates. Their classic vintage truffle box includes a generous assortment of their freshest hand-dipped truffles.

C’ville Candy Company

C-ville Candy Company, Charlottesville

C-ville has been handcrafting confections in small batches since 2004, using original recipes and special care and attention to quality. Their Cherry Delight pack pairs tart Michigan cherries with individually handmade dark chocolate nonpareils.

Potomac Chocolate

Potomac Chocolate, Occoquan

Founded in 2010 by Ben Rasmussen, Potomac was the first bean-to-bar chocolate maker in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. Rasmussen handcrafts his chocolate bonbons in a tiny chocolate factory, starting with craft chocolate and other high-quality ingredients. He changes the bonbon varieties regularly.

Taylor Made

Taylor Made, Chester

Taylor Made Chocolate is a bean-to-bar artisan chocolate company started by Steve and Kim Taylor in 2017. Their roasted cacao nibs are great with yogurt and honey, as a replacement for chocolate chips. 

Glass House Winery

Glass House Winery, Free Union

Glass House Winery was founded in 2010 by Jeff and Michelle Sanders and recently purchased by Jay Smith. Their artisanal chocolate is handmade by in-house chocolatier Carmen Moore, who has crafted 10 varieties, including Cherry Chili, Red Wine Cream, Rum & Coconut, and Mango Mania.

Hunt Country Foods

Hunt Country Foods, Marshall

While best known for their Best of Luck Shortbread Horseshoes and Nails, Hunt Country Food has added a tasty Horseshoes Chocolates variety to their ever-growing palette of treats. The 36 bites come packaged in a handsome hunter green hinged-lid tin.

River-Sea Chocolates

River-Sea Chocolates, Chantilly

Krissee and Mariano D’Aguiar named their chocolates River-Sea because most of the world’s cacao grows in coastal jungle areas influenced by the daily flow of the tide. Their chocolate bars come in different flavors, among them Organic Tanzanian, Surfer’s Dark Seas, Organic Dominican Republic, and Hawaiian Salt Dark. 

Chocolate Spike

Chocolate Spike, Blacksburg

More than 16 years ago, Eugenie Ranck found a sweet purpose for her background in chemistry and physics when she created The Chocolate Spike. Her creative truffle assortment includes Forever Lavender Blueberry, Bourbon Smoke Sea Salt, Orange Marzipan Twist, and many other varieties.

Stony Point Confections

Stony Point Confections, Charlottesville

April Martin has been making chocolate for as long as she can remember, culminating in founding Stony Point Confections in 2018. Her flagship Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel is handcrafted with butter caramel enrobed in a succulent dark chocolate, topped with a Pacific blue flaked sea salt.

Chocolate Cravings

Chocolate Cravings, Richmond

Chocolatier Cathy Churcher makes all of her fresh candies by hand using premium Colombian chocolate and seasonal and local ingredients. Her chocolate-covered honeycombs boast unique flavors to satisfy the “serious chocoholic.”

Immortal Mountain

Immortal Mountain, Front Royal

Founded in 2009 by Cadyn and Andrew Speziale, Immortal Mountain’s mission to craft the highest-integrity herb-infused chocolates. Made with 70 percent organic, unroasted Peruvian cacao with cayenne pepper and tulsi leaves, their Heart Chakra Cacao dark chocolate bites have a warming kick and earthy undertones.


Chocolatesville, Charlottesville

Open since 2016, the motto of Chocolatesville is, “Where fine Belgian chocolate becomes FUN Belgian chocolate.” For chocolate lovers with bold taste, the crisp pretzel rods dipped in and decorated with Belgium chocolate will be quite a treat.

Red Rocker Candy

Red Rocker Candy, Troy

Red Rocker Candy’s gourmet pretzel snack mixes are handmade in small batches. Try their signature Rocking Chair Mix, a combination of cereals, almonds, and pretzels coated in a silky white confection. This sweet and salty treat is made with love—for those you love!

This article originally appeared as “Chocolate Kisses” in the February 2021 issue. Look for more artisan-made candy on our store site,

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