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BEST old fashioned doughnut!

Carol Lee Doughnuts Blacksburg VA. Made the old fashioned way, none of the freezer to oven confections called doughnuts but the real melt in your mouth yummy. Super selection! Family run, cash only, WORTH THE TRIP

Mumsey MOM more than 7 years ago

Best RVA Donuts 2014

The bomb in Richmond is now Duck Donuts in Willow far the freshest best tasytin donuts ...we've tried em all...!

Tom Renehan more than 8 years ago

Best RVA Doughnuts

Sugar Shack! But you can't go wrong with any of these Richmond-area local shops.

Emma Swann more than 9 years ago


sugar shack- RVA - <3

bob bobbins more than 9 years ago

One More for the Best Doughnut List

This truck born doughnut is from heaven.
Mrs. Yoder's Doughnuts are what you might get from your grandmothers kicked up version of s Krispy Creme. This grandmother makes them for you to order. Bigger, somewhat more dense and dripping of a sugar frosting. OMG delicious. Find Mrs Yoder and her truck at many of Richmonds weekly farmers markets.

Buz more than 9 years ago

O'Doodle Doo's

O'Doodle Doo's in North Suffolk is the best donut place I have ever visited. I am completely ruined for donuts since eating them.

Amy M more than 10 years ago

Ringo's of Smithfield

Come to Ringo's Donuts of historic Smithfield, Virginia. Yum. Try a caramel-bacon "Squealer". Did you think Smithfield WOULDN'T have a doughnut that included bacon? See you in The HeART District of Smithfield soon~

Mark J. Hall more than 10 years ago

Carol Lee

Been visiting Blacksburg for work. Just stopped in to Carol Lee for the first time. Legit.

David more than 10 years ago


I have seen a photo of the Donut Dinette in Waynesboro. It was pretty cool. Big round neon sign with Donut Dinette. Chickpeas restuarant is there now.

Alan Freed more than 10 years ago


Seriously? Have you had a warm Spudnut? M elt in your mouth, truely the most awsome donut ever! There is a long and rich history of Spudnuts, they are not a fad . They are the real deal. Born during the War, when lack of supplies made potato flour the flour of choice, Spudnuts were born. Over 200 stores at peak,now we are fortunate to have one of the last here. Lorie's dad ran it for years, now she, her husband, son and others are keeping spudnuts alive.If raised and fried donuts are your choice, i think Spudnuts will be your choice too. I was very dissapointed by how little about them was in your article. I asumed cake envy was the reason. Go by and see Lorie's family and try a Spudnut. Don't thank me, thank them.

Alan Freed more than 10 years ago

Donuts ... the very best

two words ... Donut Dinette ... Colley Avenue, Norfolk

simply the best! you've never known disappointment until you've gotten there and they've already run out!!!

Andrew Kleeger more than 10 years ago

donuts from times past

Does anyone else remember the Do-Nut Dinette on West Main Street in Waynesboro? My father would take my brother and I there as a special treat. I remember eating donuts that were still piping hot. I think there was only one kind - rolled in sugar and cinnamon - but they were pure heaven.

Michelle Mead-Armor more than 10 years ago


Carol Lee Donuts in Blacksburg Va..Oh My!!! It's a family owned and operated business! If you have never had one at a home game for Va Tech..always save room for one of them!!

Frieda Harman more than 11 years ago

For the donut craver....Yummmmmmmm!

Ringo's, on South Church St., in Smithfield, VA has the best yeast raised and cake donuts. Yummmmmm! ;)
Their honey buns are the best!!!!!
Just a few, of my many favorites, there, are: a maple frosted, yeast raised donut, with pieces of bacon on top and a blueberry cake donut with cream cheese frosting! Yummmm!
There are too many great donuts to name and they are all made fresh daily!
Ringo's is a wonderful family run business, with a big friendly atmosphere!
I can't say enough good things about it!
It's well worth the drive, no matter how far you won't be disappointed!!!!

Jill more than 11 years ago

Wow, you are missing out...

Paul's Bakery, Fredericksburg, VA. Try the Donuts. Have been to 3 of the 5 listed, Paul's on a good day would the best of the bunch, and on a bad day, still better than 2 of the listed choices.

BW more than 11 years ago

Apple Fritters

Unfortunately, Paul refuses to make Apple Fritters. Asked why, I was given no answer except that he refuses. They are under new ownership, so maybe the new owner will grace us with a decent fritter since no one else in VA seems able.

Steve more than 9 years ago


Pure Eats in Lexington has the best!!!

beth more than 11 years ago


I have to say O'Doodle Doo's donuts in Suffolk, VA is by far the best. I can't eat donuts anywhere else since having theirs. They make new recipes everyday and they close the shop when they sell out. Call me crazy but I drive the 45 minutes just to get their donuts.

amy more than 11 years ago



Bob more than 11 years ago


I love Doughunts!!!!!!!

Bob more than 11 years ago

I dunno

When I went to some of the places, I loved it
Y'all Virginians are amazin doughnut makers

Anita LY from Alabama more than 11 years ago

Country style

I went to country style bakery, and it was better than
Anything in Georgia

Shalinda more than 11 years ago


I love sprinkles!!!!

Lola more than 11 years ago


i love doughnuts

beckky more than 11 years ago

Best Donuts?

I stumbled into Pure Eats in Lexington, Virginia one rainy day and on a whim tried one of the cinnamon sugar doughnuts sitting inconspicuously under a glass domed display. I have never eaten such delectable combinations of authentic pure flavors, divine textures, and creamy, delicious glazes. If you never have tried Pure Eats in Lexington, VA, then walk, no, RUN there now! Divine gourmet combinations such as dark chocolate and sea salt, luscious lemoncreme, peanut butter and chocolate, and traditionals such as cinnamon sugar, top my list of all time best doughnuts, ever. And I have eaten a few in my day!

Lisa Mann, donut maven more than 11 years ago

Paul's Bakery Donuts - Fredericksburg VA

Just one bite and you'll find yourself standing in line with the rest of the local's at 6am!

E. B. S. more than 11 years ago

Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA

I went here in 1988-1990 (my dad chose this school for me..., i actually graduated from George Washington University because i'm from Arlington..., etc etc), but oh my GOD, Sweet Briar College's doughnuts are just plain evil I have never had any this good ever since and i don't want to have any more against my 20 years later waistine!! Rediculatory!!!!

Claire Fowler more than 11 years ago

Best donuts in Richmond

I think they are the best, no preservatives!

Dennis Pace more than 11 years ago

Best Donuts - Richmond

"Daylight Donuts" - W. Broad Street, Richmond, VA - BACON DONUT = UNBELIEVABLE

Adam more than 11 years ago


I love the idea that these donuts have less preservative and are more natural than the competitors!

Donna L. more than 11 years ago

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Great Donut Debate! We are glad to have your picks for top donut, but the question of which variety is the best donut - cake, or air - is as yet unsettled. Which is your favorite?

Erin Parkhurst, Editor Virginia Living more than 11 years ago

Fantastic Donuts

Daylight Donuts on Broad Street between Gaskins and Cox in Glen Allen has the best Donuts I've ever eaten. Try the Bear Claw, cinnamon roll or a chocolate covered cake do-nut with white or toasted coconut. Go early they open at 6:00 AM Donuts are still being produced the shop smells delicious the donuts are fantastic. They have great coffee lattes etc. I hit their drive thru regularly on my way to work. Enjoy

Thomas Markson more than 11 years ago

Great donuts

They taste favorite is the blueberry and the Chocolate Eclairs..and go great with a cup of coffee. Stop by and give them a try right on West Broad Street just west of Gaskins Road, you will be glad you did. Enjoy!

Linda Walton more than 11 years ago

Daylight Donuts

The donuts are like cake...chocolate icing with sprinkled coconut...YUM!

Nikki D. more than 11 years ago

Daylight Donuts

You have to try Daylight Donuts on West Broad Street near Innsbrook: The donuts are made fresh daily. My favorite: the Maple Bacon donut...unbelievable! My kids love the cinnamon rolls and Apple Fritters.

Patrick Martin more than 11 years ago

Daylight Donuts

Best Donuts in the Richmond area. My favorite stop for coffee... just
West of Gaskins Road. Yummy!

Marilyn Glazebrook more than 11 years ago

Great donuts

Pure Eats on Main Street in downtown Lexington Virginia is the best around. They have a wide assortment of freshly baked donuts that melt in your mouth Banana Split, Maple & Bacon, Sea Sat on Chocolate, and Cinnamon Sugar are just a few of their delicious varieties. Cadets from VMI and our W&L University Co-eds along with their parents and alumni along with the many locals make this a busy spot.

Pat Stoltz more than 11 years ago


Plaza Bakery, Laskin Rd, Virginia Beach is the choice down here.
Neither cake nor cotton candy, they have exceptional chewiness yet melt away to reach for another.
Fresh every morning and gone, usually, by lunch. Sadly, Plaza Bakery's not open for a Sunday morning fix. Well, that's okay the ladies need a day with their families and away from Plaza's sinful aromas.
Oh, they make holes too.

Chuck Hudson more than 11 years ago


You need to try the APPLE HOUSE DONUTS in Linden, Virginia since 1963 - apple butter cinnamon every day !!!!!

George McIntyre more than 11 years ago

General Lee's Favorite Breakfast

Pure Eats is amazing. Their donuts are creative and delicious, ranging from sea salt and chocolate to bacon and maple syrup. Sounds crazy, right? but these guys pull it off, and do so with incredible skill.

ForDubyuhnelliYell more than 11 years ago

Carpe Donut, Carter Mountain, Spudnuts

In C'ville, there's Spudnuts and also don't forget Carter Mountain's apple doughnuts. The Carpe Donut cart is also a big hit...

Courteney Stuart more than 11 years ago

doughnuts- the best

The doughnuts at Pure Eats in Lexington Va are baked daily and are delicious. I love the maple bacon and maple walnut!

Terri Lowder more than 11 years ago

The Rolling Pin

The Rolling Pin in Staunton has awesome doughnuts!

Shelley more than 11 years ago


Country Style- hand's down

Susan more than 11 years ago


The donuts are amazing and the service is just good. Look forward to local fairs and festivals just for the donuts!

Lisa more than 11 years ago


I am sure Strite;s are the top.

ethel strite more than 11 years ago

Strites Donuts

The best in the land! Definitely worth crossing the West Virginia border for these pieces of heaven.

Maile Wood more than 11 years ago


Strites donuts are the best I have ever had... A must have!!!

Maile Wood more than 11 years ago

Hurray for Strites

Not to be outdone - Strites produces an amazing donut in Harrisonburg and the Shenandoah Valley. Don't overlook them!

Kate more than 11 years ago

Strites Donuts

Don't forget Strite's Donuts from Broadway/Harrisonburg! They have been selling the valley's best Donut for 7 years running.

Evan more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

You haven't had a dounut until you 've had a the maple at Pure Eats!

SCS more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

Chocolate with sea salt is perfect and good old cinnamon and sugar can't be beat. Perfect texture and always fresh.

Bill Hamilton more than 11 years ago

Harrisonburg Farmers' Market- Byler's Donuts

They are made fresh every market morning with a light fluffy potato batter. So delicious!

Melanie S. more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats has the very best

Love, love, love the 'nuts at Pure Eats! Peanut butter and jelly, margarita, lemon iced - they are all just divine! You have got to give them a try!

Jean more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats is Best Donut

The very first time I had a donut at Pure Eats in Lexington, I was blown away. It was like a fine pastry. Amazing.

Melissa Scholl more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

You haven't ate a Awesome Donut until you eat one from Pure Eats, The maple is my Favorite, and the rest is Great to, but stop in and try one and you will be back, Yum Yum

Sharon Ulrich more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

I love the sugar covered chocolate donuts at Pure Eats. No matter what flavors --they are my all time favorite!! The Mint Choc Oreo rank up there with them tho!!

Stacy L. more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

Oh my... I don't know where to start!' Pure Eats is the bomb!' If you're coming to Lexington ... Make it a point to stop!! You'll agree after the first bite!! You'll definitely agree!!

Katrina Ulrich more than 11 years ago


Rolling Pin Pastries in Staunton makes the best glazed doughnuts in the history of glazed doughnuts.

Pat more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats!!

So many choices! Delicious, fresh, amazing!

Tara Baer more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats in Lexington VA

Three words..,maple, bacon, wonderful! PURE heaven!

Jen Goff more than 11 years ago

Don't Overlook Pure Eats Donuts, Lexington, VA

You think you know donuts. You think you love donuts. But you don't know donuts and you don't love donuts until you know and love Pure Eats donuts in Lexington, VA.

Seriously, the most creative, delicious, fresh donuts. The flavors change daily. Today, May 3, the menu is: Lemon Cheesecake, S'mores, Reese's Pieces, Banana Split and (the old standby, my favorite) Cinnamon Sugar.

Put them on the map, please.

PKP more than 11 years ago

Best Donuts iin VA

Pure Eats in Lexington VA.....absolutely FABULOUS !!

Kevin Merrill more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats Doughnuts!

These are the most heavenly doughnuts! The flavors are amazing and they are made with love. We are so lucky to have these doughnuts in Lexington, VA!

Christa Loudermilk more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

Pure Eats donuts are amazing. I have tried a number of their different offerings (which change on a daily basis) and all of them are delicious. Everyone needs to try them.

JK more than 11 years ago contest

I can't imagine any doughnut being better than a hot Mrs. Yoder's glazed doughnut (and I've had some famous doughnuts in my day...Voodoo in Portland, Doughnut Plant in NYC...neither come close). South of the James Farmer's Market...go there, find Mrs. Yoder, and try one. Of your list, I've only been to Country Style, and while good, they've got nothing on Mrs. Yoder, not even close. And let's be honest, a hot Krispy Kreme...tough to beat too.

Mat more than 11 years ago


These are the best donuts I have ever had! They definitely need to be added to this list. Please take them into consideration! I love seeing which flavors they will have every day!!

Ashley more than 11 years ago


Warm doughnuts when Pure Eats opens...pure heaven! We love the lemon cheesecake, maple walnut, and chocolate cupcake in addition to the cinnamon sugar staple. I knew I was in trouble when I called for a dozen take out order and the clerk knew who I was by my voice!

Mary S. more than 11 years ago

Pure eats

Pure Eats doughnuts are amazing. Their cookies & cream doughnuts and chocolate and peanut butter are my favorites!

K. Smith more than 11 years ago

Purely Delicious

Pure Eats in Lexington, VA definitely takes the cake (especially with their plain cake doughnut staple). They always offer a variety of unique and delicious creations (my favorites are the margarita and the chocolate peanut butter), in addition to their two usuals, cinnamon sugar and plain. Always delicious, always fresh, and always a treat!

Tilden B more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

I write in Pure Eats for best donut!

Jane more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats in Lexington!

If you haven't had these donuts yet, you are missing one of life's greater pleasures!

Holly Pickett more than 11 years ago

PUre Eats, Lexington, VA

Can't beat Pure Eats, some of the best donuts I have every had.

Tiffany more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats!

Pure Eats is truly a diamond in the rough. I was skeptical to try anything but their amazing burgers, but the donuts live up to their local fame! My favorite is the lemon cheesecake!

Sara more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

These donughts are simply scrumptious!! Ate a whole dozen one time, so worth having to go to doremus gym to work it all off after:)

Katie Ackell more than 11 years ago


Unbelievably good donuts!!! The Snickers donut is better than eating a Snickers Bar!

Kerry more than 11 years ago

Another vote for Pure Eats!

Love these little gems from this little shop in Lexington. A small variety each day, but all with a big taste. But dont tell anyone..

Chris K more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats, Lexington VA

Pure Eats in Lexington is a wonderful addition to our town. My children LOVE to sit at the counter and sample the delightful donut flavors.

Summer Sullivan more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats

I have to agree with John. We stopped in there a couple of weeks ago and tried a variety of their doghnuts. The marguerita flavored ones were great!

Travis - Hampton, Va. more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats Donughts

I am in no way affiliated with Pure Eats in Lexington, but I have to agree with the latest post about their donughts. They really are quite delicious. We go by there every time we are in Lexington. It's fun to see what new flavor each day brings.

Kristen Jones more than 11 years ago

W&L <3s Pure Eats

Pure Eats is the absolute best. Donut champs 2012!!!!!

GoodStudent more than 11 years ago

Pure Eats Doughnuts in Lexington

I would humbly submit that Pure Eats, which I opened in Lexington last Fall, makes some of the best doughnuts around. We make small batches of cake doughnuts, fried in vegetable shortening and hand-dipped with all sorts of delicious toppings. Some of our most popular varieties are maple-walnut, dark chocolate with sea salt, and margarita. I hope you'll check us out and consider us in your poll. Thank you!

John Blackburn more than 11 years ago

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