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Whiskey Sugar Cubes by Storied Goods.

Add flair to your favorite cocktails with locally made mixers. 

Magnolia Bitters

Craft the ultimate Southern cocktails with bitters from the brand new Bitter Virginian Cocktail Company. Its first flavor, Magnolia, was inspired by a century-old recipe discovered in the Library of Virginia. The company is also offering Fishing Bay Bitters, based on seafood seasoning and perfect for Bloody Marys, as well as a peanut and chocolate flavor.

Chesapeake Bloody Mary 

Bursting with tomato flavor, perfectly balanced spices, just the right amount of heat—and lower sodium than store brands—this go-to brunch mixer by Clark and Hopkins exudes the essence of weekends on the Bay.

Sour Mix & Lime Syrup

Forget the fluorescent stuff at the store—your cocktails need the fresh flavor of Phantastic Poe’s. Whether you’re mixing a margarita,

Tom Collins, gin and tonic, whiskey sour, or any other citrus/sour sipper, you’ll be glad you switched.

Whiskey Sugar Cubes

Make an instant Manhattan by dropping one of Storied Goods’ flavorful cubes into your favorite bourbon. The sugar is blended with tart cherry juice and orange peel to create a perfect cocktail every time.

Blueberry Vanilla Shrub

Combining the zing of vinegar with a burst of fresh fruit and subtle vanilla, this concentrated syrup from Red Root & Co. adds something extra to craft cocktails and also makes delicious mocktails. Visit the website for recipes.

Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup

Add depth to a daiquiri, upgrade your old fashioned, or doctor your coffee with this all-natural simple syrup. Sorba Syrups suggests drizzling it over fruit, oatmeal, or ice cream, too. Find recipes at

This article originally appeared in our October 2020  issue.

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