Southern Shine

Moonshine and more in southside Virginia.

Virginia’s urban meccas have more than their fair share of distilleries, but traveling outside Southside Virginia’s city limits reveals a host of small-town makers and lots of tasty spirits.

Bondurant Brothers Distillery, Chase City

Run by the descendants of the Bondurant Boys, the subject of the 2012 film Lawless, this distillery makes corn-based moonshine. The tasting room is open one weekend per month, March through November.

Springfield Distillery, Halifax

Housed in an 1840s cabin, Springfield Distillery offers unaged corn whiskey, bourbon, port barrel-aged whiskey, rum, and various flavored whiskies, including butterscotch and blackberry. The distillery also launched Blackberry Whiskey Sour and Strawberry Smash canned cocktails.

Three Crosses Distilling Co., Powhatan

Powhatan’s first distillery, Three Crosses began “truly as a hobby that got out of hand.” Since its founding in 2017, it has racked up considerable awards for its handcrafted spirits like whiskey, rye, gin, and rum. Executive Chef Tara Powers runs The Table at Three Crosses, where she’s known for zhuzhing up southern classics at the distillery’s restaurant. 

Sandy River Distillery, Rice

Venture to Prince Edward County for Sandy River’s impressive aged bourbon, vodka, peach cobbler-flavored moonshine, and strawberry shortcake-flavored moonshine. Visit the 1840s log cabin tasting room (the structure was relocated from its original home in Charlotte Court House) for a guided tasting, a flight, or a cocktail.

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