Raising the Bar

9 artful accessories to up your home bar game.

Super Soaker

As striking as it is functional, you can use this innovative vessel to create infused liquor (or oils or teas) with any flavors you can imagine.  The Porthole by Crucial Detail, $120. CrucialDetail.com

Stir It Up 

Sure, a cheap cocktail spoon will mix your libations just as well as this one, but this is all about style. Handmade from solid brass, this 10-inch spoon deserves to be displayed. ME Speak Design Cocktail Spoon, $95. MESpeakDesign.com

Crush It

A high-quality muddler is a must-have item in any bartender’s arsenal, and these handcrafted pieces are made from turned walnut and maple. Blanc Creatives Cocktail Muddler, $45. BlancCreatives.com

Pop It Like It’s Hot 

It may look like an objet d’art, but this icosahedron is in fact a 3D-printed bottle opener—or if we’re being technical, it’s actually 60 bottle openers in one piece. It’s available in polished bronze steel or blackened and gold steel. Ico Bottle Opener, $170. FSObjects.com

Cut to the Chase

Designed by award-winning Boston barkeep Jackson Cannon with R. Murphy Knives, this bar knife features a unique square tip that’s ideal for working with citrus fruits. Pair it with a striped mahogany cutting board for the ultimate prep station. Jackson Cannon Bar Knife with Jones Board, $98. RMurphyKnives.com

With a Twist 

Give your highballs a serpentine bite with these snake-shaped swizzlers. Includes four gold-toned picks with a shiny black enamel finish. Love & Victory Snake Cocktail Picks, $24. LoveAndVictory.com

Ice, Ice Baby

Indulge your desire for fancy ice with these silicone trays from W&P Design. Larger cubes melt slower, giving you more time to sip and savor your favorite spirit. Extra Large Ice Cube Tray, $14. WAndPDesign.com 

Roll Out

From a bottle opener to a knife and strainer, keep all of your most important bar tools conveniently stashed away in a classic leather bar rollup. Moore & Giles Bar Rollup, $220. MooreAndGiles.com

Something Fishy

Easily uncork wine bottles with these coastal-inspired double pull corkscrews from Sterling Brooke. Each little fish contains a foil cutter, bottle opener, and two-step corkscrew made from heavy-duty stainless steel and water-resistant white oak. Double Pull Wine Opener, $44. SterlingBrooke.com

This article originally appeared in our Drink 2019 issue.

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