Let’s Get Lost

After a long-awaited grand opening, Lost Boy Cider’s doors are open, and the ciders are flowing.

Photos courtesy of @LostBoyCider on Instagram

Lost Boy Cider, Northern Virginia’s first urban cidery, finally opened its doors last month on June 8 in Alexandria. From its tasty, handcrafted dry ciders to its all-American ambience, it looks like life for the common social drinker just got better. If you’re looking for your next weekend adventure, look no further.

Nestled outside of Old Town, Lost Boy Cider’s unique warehouse residence has a relaxing yet lively atmosphere sure to make you stick around for a while.

Smiling staff members keep the taps flowing for customers lining up at the bar. A few people play cornhole, while children laugh and entertain themselves in their own kiddy corner stocked full of toys and other playthings. Others sit with their friends, chatting about their week while sipping on fresh brews. All the while, silver fermentation tanks stand off on the sidelines, a stark contrast against green-growing ferns and shiplap decor.

With an environment like this, you might as well keep the tab open, especially considering the wide assortment of fresh ciders readily available at the bar. 

Lost Boy Cider offers nine dry ciders, some of which take a more modern spin on traditional flavors. The selection of unique ciders includes Bottlerocket with and jalapeños; Thai Rope Walker with strawberries and Thai basil; Lemonade Stand with lemons and mint leaves; Slasher with raspberries; and Spicoli with pineapples.

Pixie Dust

One of the more eccentric ciders called Pixie Dust has garnered a lot of attention on social media due to its vibrant purple hue. This cider is made with passionfruit and butterfly pea flower, which gives it its coloring. Pixie Dust gives you an experience that inspires a sort of childlike excitement from name and look to taste.

“Cider is alluring—a fascinating world with endless combinations of flavor profiles and blends,” says the Lost Boy Cider website. “Cider is a chameleon of alcoholic options.”

On tap there are also a few ciders leaning more toward the traditional side, such as Comeback Kid, the flagship cider, and The Incident, which packs a “bone dry” apple taste. Beer fans can also try Hazy Hopped, made with mosaic hops for a lighter, more floral IPA flavor experience.

Lost Boy Cider allows patrons to customize their own flights, providing the opportunity to explore all of the fun and creative cider options. Flights are offered at $14, pints at $9, Belgians at $7, and tasters at $4. Cider slushies are also on the menu for $8.

If you find that you’re anxious to try out the cider but aren’t looking to have a sit-down experience, Lost Boy offers steady to-go options, such as stovepipes for $9, and will refill growlers starting at $12.

Lost Boy Cider is the day-trip destination you need to spend your next Saturday this summertime season. LostBoyCider.com

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