Juice To Get Loose

Fresh-pressed juice bars squeeze a whole lot of healthy into your glass.

Photo courtesy of the Pit and the Peel

An alternative to junk food, fresh pressed juices are the perfect snack for folks looking for a healthy boost not weighed down with sugar and over-processed ingredients. Here, we offer highlights from some of our favorite juice bars around the state. 

The Green Cat, Virginia Beach

Owner Jacki Welch says that because cold-pressed juices are made slowly, their beneficial enzymes remain intact. Of its 16 varieties, the Green Cat blend (pineapple, mango, spinach, Spirulina, coconut oil) and the Unbeetable (beet, carrot, lime) are the most popular. 

Juiced By Beverlee, Harrisonburg

The go-to juice delivery service for H-burg’s college set is about to move into its first store this April. Owner Beverlee Kline hails her cold-pressed juices as “liquid super food” and says patrons especially love the vanilla bean, and lemon and green apple juice blends.

The Pit and the Peel, Richmond

The menu here is simple—11 juices, including the popular Green Machine (spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon and apple). “People migrate towards green juice because they are made from vegetables, which means less sugar,” says owner Kevin Urbansky.

Southblock Juice, Arlington

Besides its in-store juice menu featuring blends like the Boost (apple, pear and double ginger) and the Cure (pineapple, carrot and cayenne), the company sells juice cleanse packages online (starting at $55). Eight locations in Northern Virginia.

White Birch Juice Company, Abingdon

White Birch grows the majority of the ingredients for its cold-pressed juices themselves, including the Go Go Goji Tonic (goji berries, tart cherry, ginger and agave) and the Pink Punch (strawberry, pineapple, orange). Each bottle contains 2-3 pounds of fruits or vegetables.

This article originally appeared in our 2018 Health & Wellness issue.

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