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Eat a Virginia-raised turkey this holiday season!

Leaping Waters Farm


Turkey from Leaping Waters Farm in Shawsville

If you want a real Virginia holiday meal, then you need a real Virginia turkey on your table. Not the frozen fowl you find at the grocery store, but a beautiful bird, born and raised right here on one of the Commonwealth’s many wonderful family farms.

What makes these turkeys different? Some are pasture-raised—meaning the turkey has grazed out in the field, some are free-range—meaning they roam the farm, and some are even heritage turkeys—meaning the they retain certain historic characteristics that are no longer found in the average domestic breed.

But where to find such perfect poultry? We’ve scanned our great state to offer you a few suggestions. The four farms listed below raise special birds indeed, and will ensure you and your family and friends enjoy a special meal. Happy holidays!

Chicama Run Farm, Purcellville

This 32-acre farm offers fresh, broad-breasted, pasture-raised white turkeys for $6.49/lb. It’s a family farm and so only open to the public on certain days of the week. On those days, the Sacco family welcomes visitors to look around and enjoy the farm with no pressure to buy. On other days they ask not to be bothered, so we recommend you call ahead! or 540-668-9828

Autumn Grove Farm, Farmville

This 150-acre farm raises Bourbon Red heritage turkeys that live free-range from early morning to late evening and are dutifully protected by Condi the livestock guardian dog! The average Bourbon Red ranges from 9-15 lbs and Autumn Grove Farm sells dressed birds fresh for $6.19/lb or frozen fresh for $5.75/lb. or 434-315-5568

Full Quiver Farm, Suffolk

Small farm of 25 acres run by a large family, as the titular full quiver refers to Scott and Alison Wilson’s nine children! There’s usually a waiting list for their pasture-raised turkeys, but no harm in calling to ask, or maybe to get on the waiting list for Thanksgiving 2012! or 757-539-5324

Leaping Waters Farm, Shawsville

The flock of turkeys is now a year-round fixture at this 200-year-old, family run 110-acre farm. The heritage breeds in permanent residence are the Black Spanish, Narragansett, Red Bourbon, Wishard Bronze, Chocolate and White Holland, all raised on a pasture of timothy-grass, clover and alfalfa, as well as locally blended vegetarian feed. Contact farm for pricing. or 540-268-5498

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