Virginia Artist, Anne Stine, “Every Rock Has A Story” Geology-Inspired Encaustic Art Exhibit Reception

Art Reception: Sunday, October 1, 4 — 6 pm

Exhibition Dates: September 7 — October 15, 2023

Join Us for an art reception! Award-winning painter Anne Stine debuts her latest collection of encaustic works titled, Every Rock Has a Story, in September, at the Athenaeum Gallery. Her collection of 20 geological paintings explores the interconnection between Earth and humanity through representational and abstract imagery.

“I’ve always been fascinated with geological formations. I see the planet as a living thing, constantly adapting, and telling its story for eons to come. When we see the physical evidence of the events our planet has endured such as trauma, growth, and transformation, we realize that we share similar experiences. This realization creates empathy for our planet and encourages the viewer to see their natural home as a close friend that they are committed to protect.” commented Stine.

The ancient medium of encaustic (a mixture of beeswax, natural resin, and pigment) is Stine’s medium of choice, as she feels it closely depicts natural forms, and produces vivid color, dramatic texture, and luminosity adding an emotive quality to each piece.

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The Event is Free.

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