“Imaginary Creature Workshop” (Register Now

Instructor: Kelsey Joyce, [email protected]

Date/Time: Saturday, June 10 from 9am-12pm

Cost: $50 Del Ray Artisans member / $60 Non-member; plus a $15 Supply Fee

Class size: 4-10 participants

(Register by midnight on June 7)

Learn how to design and build a sculpture of an original imaginary creature in the style of Mexican folk art alebrijes. Alebrijes were created by Pedro Linares Lopez, a Mexican cartoneria artisan who created Papier-mâché figurines that he coined alebrijes after imagining them in a fever dream. Alebrijes are creatures that consist of features that represent multiple creatures and the four elements of nature. Dragons are great alebrije because they have all four elements of nature: air represented in their wings, fire represented in their flames, land represented in their legs, and water represented in their ability to swim.

In this workshop we will explore the cultural importance of Linares’ alebrijes and how they have become a tradition in Mexico. We will build our imaginary creatures with armature sculpting wire, clay, papier mache, aluminum foil, resin eyeballs, acrylic paint, glitter, feathers, and many more mixed media materials. We will work swiftly to get as much done as possible and will be utilizing hair dryers to help us dry our papier mache & artworks quickly. I look forward to you bringing your imagination to life!

All materials will be supplied to use during the workshop to create your creature. If you wish to also own one of Kelsey Joyce’s creations and paint it at home, separate Imaginary Creature kits will be available for purchase directly from the instructor at the end of the workshop.

Face masks are recommended inside the gallery.

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