Get Healthy Vienna! Expo 2023

Get Healthy Vienna! Expo 2023 is hosted by the Vienna Business Association (VBA) Health, Wellness and Fitness Committee, and will feature more than 30 local exhibitors that will share information about the services, products and solutions their businesses and organizations provide in the area of health, wellness and fitness. The Expo will also include demonstrations, healthy food samples, and “Well Talks” throughout the day.

The ten-minute Well Talks will be formatted like Ted Talks, but exclusively focused on health and wellness. The topics will cover current issues of interest and concern to individuals and parents who want to promote overall wellness in their homes and families.

A sampling of the day-long scheduled Well Talks include:

● Striking the Balance in Youth Sports: Tips to help your child dodge overuse injuries and perform at their highest level.

● How Text Neck Hurts Your Brain: How forward head posture is not just related to neck pain and headaches, but also to poor brain performance.

● The Joy of Movement: How to lengthen and strengthen muscles to improve joint mobility, posture and balance.

Other Well Talks will focus on tips for dealing with allergies and asthma during allergy season and beyond, natural ways to balance your hormones, and more. Visit for the full schedule of Well Talks and list of exhibitors.

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Vienna Community Center

June 11, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum
July 9, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum
August 13, 2022

Star Gazing and Laser Nights

Virginia Living Museum