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We arrived in Sandbridge on my birthday, Dec 29, 1970

We lived in Sandbridge, I believe on Sandpiper Rd, thru March of that year. It was the middle of winter when we arrived from Wyoming we thought we had just found paradise. We were pretty poor back then and I think rent ran about 75.00 to 80.00 a month for entire house because it was winter. I remember the rent was going to double in April or May that’s why we moved. We were five girls, one boy and my parents. I know we were in a house facing a road and I’m not sure about stilts but the house we lived in was 2 stories with a driveway that curved to the left side of the house, with a side door. On the first day while Mom and Dad unpacked the car we ran to the beach. I believe we were the third row from the beach. The beach was littered with seaweed which we ran to investigate. This was our first ocean. I was 10 my two older sisters were 11 and 12 the two younger sisters were 9 and 7. It was amazing and frightening at the same time. The sky was blue but the temperature was probably 65 degrees F. None of us thought twice about running up to the water which we did with our shoes and socks left in the sand we ran ankle deep into the green foamed waves. Mom had said no swimming so we stayed for just a few minutes before we got cold and ran back to the beach. Thats when we saw our first horseshoe crab! We never knew anything like that could exist!
We went to Princess Anne Elementary my dad got a job at a local gas station. We spent every possible hour we could on that beach except for Saturdays because thats when the Navy ships were training, those huge ship guns were so loud. The sound would rattle the bay window of our living room. We we there when the tail end of a hurricane hit. It was relatively mild but we had water surge coming all the way to our home.
I remember going to school there, I think all five of us girls were at Princess Anne Elementary. The bus rides were some of my best memories. Our bus driver, a blonde lady was so kind and cool at the same time. She told us how she had to get up extra early and make a special trip to sandbridge as we were the only kids who were here in the winter. We had the schoolbus to ourselves every morning until we were at least a mile or so off the beach where we picked up a young girl who lived on a farm. There were always geese in the road just before that farm and the bus driver let me get off the bus a couple of times to chase them. It was a magical couple of months being there. I especially loved when we could go to the little general store and connecting restaurant there. Each time we came to the store I would eye this big red toy fire engine. I wanted it for my little brother. The owner took it off the shelf put fresh batteries so the siren and flashing lights would work and gave it to me. I think he liked my mom but whatever the reason it was a wonderful gesture. My little brother was so thrilled!
We ate in the restaurant just one time it was all you could eat steamed shrimp night.

Dana Beveridge more than 1 year ago


My family started coming to Sandbridge in 1975 or so. I was around 7. It was the most magical and beautiful place on earth! I really don't like the condo projects. The one closest to little island is hideous. Like some ticky-tacky thing from Key West. How did they get permission to build over top of the dunes? Oh well, I guess anything to make a buck. At least False Cape is safe! And the back bay is still lovely. All my childhood memories on that beach and the bay. We came down every year and stayed the entire 12 weeks of summer. The Outdoor resorts used to be called Surfside at Sandbridge and you could put a permanent trailer there. But there were far less restrictions on what you could have. Of course, it's all been way outpriced for regular folk. May when I retire..... I might move to Pungo.

Martha more than 7 years ago

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