The Picasso of Guns



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Lisa Tomlin

I enjoyed the story and would like to read more about Virginia small business owners who are making a name for themselves on a national or international scale. Thanks to author Clarke C. Jones for bringing this artist to my attention. More, please.

terry jones more than 11 years ago

Article: The Picasso of Guns

Today, 07/28/11, I just read the article. I've had the honor of chatting with, by phone and e-mail, Lisa. Of her talent I can only say her work is phenomenal.
I am the lucky owner of a very special 1911 with both a 4 1/4" .45 slide and a 5" .22 slide, frame by Rock River, slides by Israeli military and Colt's Mfg, custom built by Richard Niemer, polisher & blued by Marc Fuller, and engraved & inlaid by Lisa Tomlin. What a treasure my 'retirement pistol'.

Michael Hamilton more than 12 years ago


Mr. Lukens,
Thanks for your comment, with which we heartily agree -- but we can run only what we have, and what we had for this brief piece when it ran in the magazine was just this one image. You might enjoy checking the websites of the gun makers ( and, which have nice photo galleries.

Christine Ennulat more than 13 years ago

More Pictures, Please!

The one picture of Mr. Bush's shotgun is pretty, but I would love to see several more. One of the neat functions of a website is to provide more than the magazine in picture content. More, please?

Bill Lukens more than 13 years ago

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