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Great story!

Stuart, this is a wonderful story! I grew up in Georgia, but I recognize the ephemeral nature of snow in the South and the reluctance of adults to join the fun. You have a gift for spinning yarns!

Shannon Anderson more than 7 years ago

The Best Day

Loved the story. Captured the cold and the fun.

Patrice Robson more than 7 years ago

Loved it!

I grew up in Yorktown, not Richmond, but Stu's story took me back to the (rare) snows of my childhood, and sledding by the Victory Monument there. Wonderful story. Thanks, Stu, and thanks Virginia Living!

Mike Shelton more than 7 years ago

More snow please

My favorite blogger in print! What a great snowy memory during a warm Virginia winter. It makes me want snow more than ever. Thanks Stuart!

Lisa Robertson more than 7 years ago


I always feel like I am right with Stuart!

Linda Bethea more than 7 years ago

Great Story

I loved reading this story. It really captured the joy of one of those rare sledding opportunities in Richmond.

Pat Doutt more than 7 years ago

This is how it really was!

Once again, Stuart Perkins has captured Richmond memories so beautifully. Talk about being transported in time! Please, Virginia Living, can we have more?

Drury Wellford more than 7 years ago

Nice memory

I spent many snow days at Forest Hill Park. My parents would take us and daddy always join in on the sledding. Thank you for bringing back a fond childhood memory.

Donna Sammons more than 7 years ago

Traveling without leaving home!

Great story and felt like I was there which was really nice considering we don't get snow here in South Florida:)

Nena more than 7 years ago

Sledding at FHP

Stu-you have a wonderful way with words and using them to paint such vivid pictures and story! This took me back some ??? years when we went sledding at forest hill park. Those were some great times!

Karen Grubb Gilbert more than 7 years ago


Stu, you have a true gift! I love reading your writing- I feel as if I was there! Hope to read more in VL soon!

Ashley more than 7 years ago

Like a kid again.

Beautifully described! Took me back to my own days as a child when my Mom would take us sledding. Very fun to read.

Susan S. more than 7 years ago


I love your writing style! You really paint a picture for the reader. I was able to visualize everything as it was happening. I used to live in Norfolk, Virginia while in the Navy. I traveled to Richmond several times. Thanks for the throwback. :-)

Jennifer Deg more than 7 years ago


Delightfully written by one of my favorite writers/bloggers, sweet memories I hope to revisit again and agan.

EVA "Roo" Lambert more than 7 years ago


What a great story, remembering memories gone by, Thank You

Karen Vogel more than 7 years ago


Wonderful to read and feel the adults get caught up in the joy of sledding. I loved the ending that looped back to the beginning. First rate story.

Vivachange 77 more than 7 years ago


This article brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank you!

Debra Malmos more than 7 years ago

Always makes me feel good

I must admit that I follow Stuart's blog, so this is not the first time I read his work. Like every other time, however, reading his stories, I am transported into his world, and it makes me feel good! Stuart challenges me to view the world different and, certainly, not to take my blessings for granted. Virginia Living: Not sure how you found Stuart, but kudos to you! Looking forward to reading more of his work in your magazine!

Francisco Laguna more than 7 years ago

Capture By Words

They said a painting is worth a thousand words but when the words are written so well your imagination can be brought to life. I can read the excitement in the words of the adults and children alike. Just one more time.... the woman said... puzzled me until I reread that snow dont fall often in Richmond... At that moment atleast I didnt have to shove the snow away... What these words mean to me...

Trinicrew more than 7 years ago

Love It!!!

So much fun to read this. Makes me want snow...LOL...Loved it!!!

Tiffany S more than 7 years ago

So Fun!

So fun! Love your style. I could see it all come to life.

Lisa Joiner more than 7 years ago

Nice. You take us there.

Gwyn Curby Godwin more than 7 years ago

Never Forget

Never forget the joys of childhood. Kids often are our best teachers.

Eliza Waters more than 7 years ago

A Feel Good Narrative

Great story that I connected with as both a child and an adult!

Luanne Shernisky more than 7 years ago

Brought Back Great Memories

Your story draws in the reader, evokes Richmond memories and leaves the reader with happy thoughts. I really enjoyed reading this.

Diane A. Perkins more than 7 years ago

Be Childlike

You never fail to delight, Stuart. Children can teach us so much. XX

Gail Single more than 7 years ago

Lovely writing as always

Your writing always brings back great memories, Stuart, of being a kid, a parent, and now a grandparent. The sledding continues! Well done :-)

D. Wallace Peac more than 7 years ago

Fantastic Fun!

What a lovely story that was Stuart. I can picture the scene so clearly, grumpy adults and excited kids whizzing down the hill! I am so pleased that the adults finally threw off their misery and joined in the fun!

Judy Martin more than 7 years ago

You moved me...

I want to be that woman racing down the hill!

Melinda Ostermeyer more than 7 years ago

good job.

Your joy in telling a story is evident. more than 7 years ago

Great story

It's hard to not feel good reading this story. The adults' reluctance melts and they join in the fun; it hits on just the right amount of nostalgia. The author's done a great build-up that mimics the plot in pacing and word choice as well as structure. What more could a reader ask of a feel-good (and realistic) adventure story? Beautiful stuff, Stuart Perkins!

Leigh W. Smith more than 7 years ago

Love it

Great story. Love the details and the dialogue. Thanks for putting us 'right there'!

Shana Gorian more than 7 years ago

Love It

This reminds me of family fun when we were all much younger. It's also a super reminder that we all need to enjoy the moment. You're a natural story teller. Thanks.

Marthe Curry more than 7 years ago

One More Time...

One more time, Stu Perkins, you've done it again. Entertained by drawing us into the moment and not only making us wish we had been there, but reminding us to enjoy ourselves. Thank you for a great story.

Annette Rochelle Aben more than 7 years ago

Forest Hill Park

This story reminds me so much of sledding in Forest Hill Park eons ago when we got the rare good snow fall(and it makes me really miss Richmond). I love Stu's thoughtful, nostalgic writing and the characters in his stories. And I am so happy to see one of his stories appear in one of my favorite magazines!

Shan Bush more than 7 years ago


Just delightful! Thank you for putting a smile on my face today!

gail glass more than 7 years ago

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