Striving for “Ultimates”



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Virginia Moore

I found the article, "Striving for Ultimates," on Virginia Moore most interesting, and having lived in Scottsville for 18 years, it had special appeal. When "Miss Virginia's" belongings were sold at auction, I was fortunate enough to purchase many of her books and several small tables. What treasures!

Shirley Cunningham Eye more than 13 years ago

Striving for ultimates

A very nice article about a wonderful woman (my grandmother) and her turbulent life. My hat's off (figuratively speaking) to the author.

Robin Moore

Robin Moore more than 13 years ago

Virginia Moore

This is a lovely article about my grandmother. It is heart-warming to me to see that she is remembered in such high regard. She truly was a Virginian. My thanks to both the author and Virginia Living.

Laurel Moore
Madison, VA

Laurel Moore more than 13 years ago

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