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Unwanted kune kune in Virginia on the rise

I have been rescuing "mini pigs" for the last 25 years. A mini (which a kune kune falls under) is a pig under 300lbs. Mostly I have rescued mini "pot bellied pigs" over the years. But recently I have been taking in kune kunes (probably because of the trend you mentioned in your article). My pig sanctuary is already stretched to our limit. Funding is very hard for pig sanctuaries and the need it so great. Some weeks I have to turn away 5 pigs. Having a pig is not for everyone and often pigs are passed around to 3 different people before their 1st birthday, often at the end with no where to go. Sadly, after spending time with a family as a beloved pet, they are brutally butchered and end up in someone's freezer. I would encourage anyone reading this to 1) VISIT A PIG SANCTUARY OR RESCUE before getting a pig and 2) ADOPT (I recently took in a 4 mos kune kune whose people tired of him after a short time), there are so many pigs (including piglets) that are waiting for loving homes.

Dina Brigish @ The White Pig Animal Sanctuary in Schuyler, VA more than 6 years ago

newsletter-July 23
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