Play It Safe

Policies to protect your home from life’s biggest surprises.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, and repairing it can be correspondingly expensive. Homeowners insurance is vital in case tragedy strikes, a storm rips away your roof, or a tree falls on your garage. However, there are many plights not covered by a standard policy. Here are some ideas for supplemental insurance that will prepare you for the worst.


Water from above (rainwater or a burst pipe upstairs) is usually covered, but water from below (ground flooding) generally isn’t. If you live in a high-risk flood zone, flood insurance may be mandatory.


Main If a water main breaks outside your home but on your property, you are responsible for paying for repairs unless you purchase a separate insurance policy. 

Sewer Backup

A standard homeowners policy usually provides some coverage for water damage to broken pipes, but sewer backup probably won’t be covered. 

Animal Liability

If you own a dog that is more than likely to bite, consider this insurance because it will cover the expenses if your pooch harms a visitor, welcomed or not.


Items A homeowners policy usually covers stolen or damaged items, but you may not get a lot. If you own expensive jewelry, antiques, or electronics, a supplemental policy is the way to go.

This article originally appeared in our June 2019 issue.

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