Outré, yet Uncontrived

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Childhood memories

I drove by about 5 years ago and was surprised by all the changes. We spent many summers, Christmas's and Thanksgivings there. It was always a visit to the past. It is a place full of memories of my grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. You come to realize that we are only caretakers for a short time on this earth. I hope they care for it..................

John W. LeCates more than 6 years ago

Estouteville-then and now

I would observe that the old saying rules: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” The Ost-Kuttner family now owns the farm, and it is their choice to decorate and use it as they wish. However, I would not say that they were in any manner “modernizing” it. For example, the chair that ms Ost is occupying in the photo is likely an early 1900s west Texas steer-horn chair, a style very common in west Texas cattle country. From what I know, much of the original interior has been painted over with a mixture of colors far from the original character of interior.
Also from the descriptions in this article, I believe that some of the rooms have been changed from their original uses: what is described as a “pantry,” a small room just off the kitchen, I believe was the nursery, in that what is now the kitchen was what we would call the master bedroom. Also, what are described as “two square rooms,” on opposite sides of the “big hall,” which connects the two porticos, were a dining room and the other a sitting room. The “big hall,” (likely originally a ball room) was papered with some special French wall paper from the late 1800s, and hopefully not painted over.
I knew Prescott (Pres) Carter and Alec Simpson very well, and stayed at the farm on numerous occasions, as well as assisted in maintain many aspects of it. I am familiar with all the operations of the farm in those times. Mr. Carter was a generous person in his own way, and a successful banker in his earlier career. He and Alec strove to build a high class Angus farm, and they were quite successful in this endeavor. In essence they put the farm to its original intended function: a working agricultural operation. It was never intended to be an art gallery or an artist colony. However, Mrs (Hat to her friends) Carter herself was always striving to be an artist.

James Ruffner more than 6 years ago

Estouteville-then and now

We must

James more than 6 years ago

Estouteville Farm at Keene, Va.

Oh my, I am in shock. This is not what Estouteville is all about. I know or new the beautiful estate like the back of my hand and the farm land was well maintained by a devoted farm manager by the name of Mr. Simpson. He devoted his life to the previous owners developing the breath taking Angus Cattle estate it was with rolling fields of grass and hay fields on either side of the front drive. Daylilies decorated the banks while trees and shrubs flowed all the way up and down the drive. This estate requires someone interested in Virginia history and heritage. Please for heaven sakes, let the next owners treat this historical land mark with American pride and remove all of this modern decoration returning it to the home it once was and designed to be. God Bless our heritage and God Bless America...

Graham more than 7 years ago

Smug and elitist

You are 'in shock'? My, what an extraordinary reaction to a perfectly ordinary scenario. Your misguided sense of nostalgia isn't a reason to condemn a person's decorating choices. For as long as there have been changing times (always) there have been people bemoaning bygone eras, 'the glorious past' and 'our heritage' falling to 'modern notions'. It's taking something entirely subjective and assigning it objective importance. Find something more important to complain about than a modern artist updating an antiquated estate.

Jack more than 6 years ago


While you are quick to judge and condemn Mr. Graham’s accounting and adoration of a beautiful farm “ once was” - -
You clearly have just passed judged on him.
Smug & Elitist ? Come now!
Why is it in this day and time that if someone doesn’t agree with your way of thinking - one feels the need to bully and chastise.
Everyone can still have their own thoughts, feelings and viewpoints - and while we don’t have to necessarily agree with their way of thinking - we should damn well respect their right to have it!

Lyn more than 4 years ago

Mr. Simpson

Mr. Simpson holds a special place in our hearts. Do you know where his son might be?

John LeCates more than 6 years ago

Mike Sheets

He is an electrician and still in the Keene area. I think he still lives on the same road as the Tri County Hunt Club.

-your cousin.

ACFR more than 3 years ago

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