Made in Virginia 2015: Monolith Studio Knives, Charlottesville

Monolith Studios

“My son makes fun of me and doesn’t understand why I got out of technology,” says Zack Worrell, 44, who left the graphic design business post-2008 and now makes kitchen knives. “I tell him it’s because I wasn’t interacting with people. I love beautiful design, but I also want to make things that people can use.”

Worrell’s cleaver is certainly something people can use—for some serious meaty food prep. It’s also a perfect example of the work Worrell does with fellow craftsman Alan Bates in his Monolith Studio Knives workshop in Charlottesville.

Worrell’s process is a mix of old-school craft and modern precision, inspired by the craft of his great-grandfather, a butcher in Bristol, Tennessee. The single 5-inch piece of A2 high-carbon steel for the cleaver is heated and shaped in a propane-fired forge (a modern spin on the traditional coal-fired blacksmith’s hearth). The blade is then hardened in a kiln, digitized for precise temperature control, and doused in water with a dramatic sizzle. Worrell deliberately retains a few dings in the steel. The handle is made from laminated repurposed burlap coffee bags, and the finished 10-inch blade is sheathed in handmade vegetable-tanned leather.

Worrell calls the style of the finished product “industrial revisited,” something that “looks old, as if it had been slammed together, but also feels well-crafted. The finish is there, but the aesthetic is a little more rough and raw, more purely utilitarian.” $450.

Correction: This story has been updated to correct the workshop location, childhood home of Worrell, and include Alan Bates.

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