Made in Virginia 2020: Home & Lifestyle Winners (Puppy Pals)

Keep your pet happy and healthy with locally made goodies.

Photography by Fred + Elliott

Puppy Bumpers

Puppy Bumpers, Inc., Richmond

Has your littlest fur baby ever gotten caught between a rock and a hard place? Enter Puppy Bumpers, stuffed collars designed to keep small pooches from getting through or stuck in baby gates, fences, or balcony rails. Ann Price invented the animal accessory in 2008 to keep the tiny therapy dogs she was training from getting trapped around the neck by a baby gate in her home. Price’s original design now comes in a slew of patterns and sizes that fit dogs up to 20 pounds, all made in Virginia. For the active, dog-park loving pet, there are Ultra bumpers for rough play, the Rainy Day style for wet weather, and the newly added reflective Glow Pups bumpers for nighttime activities. $24.50-$32.50,   

Staff Notes: Great idea! So simple but really useful.

New Puppy Smell

della Terra Organics, Ashburn

Raised with a strong connection to nature and preference for holistic solutions, Terra Saunders has been making natural, organic personal care products since 2015. She worked with a chemical pharmacologist to be sure “our deoderant actually works and our shampoo lathers!” while remaining natural, good for you, and environmentally responsible. Saunders added a pet line to reduce the exposure to harmful substances for both pets and their people. Her own 100-pound German shepherd, who hates baths, inspired New Puppy Smell Rinse Optional Shampoo. $25, 

Staff Notes: I was doubtful at first due to the vinegar, but it dissipates and leaves a fresh, unstinky dog. Magic!

Stella’s Super Food Biscuits

Four Leaf Clover Holistic Dog Bakery, Fredericksburg

Three years ago, Clarissa Dery rescued two pit bulls in dire need of medical attention. The ordeal of nursing Stella and Luna back to health motivated Dery to start making her own dog food and treats. Now a certified dog food nutritionist and a certified acute canine herbalist, Dery cooks up all kinds of delicacies for furry friends, like probiotic ice creams and goat milk lattes. Stella’s Super Food Biscuits are baked fresh weekly in a Goochland commercial kitchen using a combination of organic and locally sourced human-grade ingredients. “Four Leaf Clover’s mission is to raise the standards of our pet’s health by helping dog parents nourish their fur babies,” says Dery. $12 per bag,

Staff Notes: My dog devoured these, and even refused other treats to get these. We need more!

Driven To Save Lives/Key To My Heart Keychains 

4 Hands 8 Paws, Rockingham

Think of these keychains as charm bracelets for your car or house keys. Each colorful token has a special meaning and can be personalized with pet names or messages. Carolyn Keene and her teenage son Peyton donate all proceeds from their original merchandise sales to animal rescues and shelters. The duo started their business in honor of their two rescue dogs, Lilly and Paisley, and have raised nearly $7,800. “We love working with rescue groups and shelters, and are always amazed by their willingness to give a voice to those who have none,” says Carolyn. The Keenes recently opened a small shop in Dayton to expand their reach. $18-$22 per keychain, $3-$4 for tokens, 

Staff Notes: Really fun idea, and so cool that they’re supporting shelters. Where do I buy one?

This article originally appeared in the December 2020 issue. See below for links to more winners. Look for these and other products Made in Virginia in the Virginia Living Store.

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