How the West Was Lost



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West Virginia is not a State

West Virginia isn't a state and I suspect most WVU law students may realize that fact. There is very little information on the Confederate takeover of 'the great state of' West Virginia. After Confederate proscription ended Confederates dominated for a quarter century. To discover this information you have to be willing to drop about $500 on two books: Oxford Commentaries on State Constitutions on the WV Constitution by Bastress and "By far the most comprehensive treatment of the history of the making of the state's 1863 and 1872 Constitutions is John E. Stealey, III, West Virginia's Civil War-Era Constitution: Loyal Revolution, Confederate Counter-Revolution, and the Convention of 1872 (Kent, Ohio: Kent State University Press, 2013). The work is thoroughly researched and is the only detailed account of the 1872 Constitutional Convention. Other than that volume, the most useful secondary sources are general treatments of the state's history. The following canvasses those histories, then identifies materials from or about each of the major stages of constitutional development, and concludes with references on constitutional interpretation."

In lieu of that please see the following:

And this is very well written article Mary!

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