The History of Afton Mountain



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Afton Mountain

When I was a very young child my parents would take us to the Howard Johnsons for ice cream or just to park and overlook our home town of Waynesboro Virginia..It was such a busy beautiful place..I worked at the fine dining Aberdeen Barn Restaurant on Afton Mountain 5 years during the time when it was one of the most beautiful tourist attraction. There were hotels and restaurants on the top.. You could sit in the restaurant and see Waynesboro, Augusta Co. on one side and Nelson county on the other.. There was also a ice skating rink.After the Aberdeen Barn closed up and another restaurant took over, it all went down hill. It would be wonderful to have Afton Mountain back as a tourist attraction with resaurants and Hotels...

Brenda K. Southall 212 days ago

mountain top inn

what was it's exact location and are there and photo sof it?

ML Smith more than 8 years ago

I-64 Afton Mountain

I worked on Afton Mountain as a Parts man for Oman Construction on top where the holiday Inn was. This was a beautiful place and a large undertaking to build this highway. I also think it is a shame for such a beautiful place to be run down and deteriated as it is. I have Fond memories of working there for 4 years when I was 19 years old.

Rob Ramsey more than 11 years ago


Hi Rob this is a slim chance but I was wondering if you ever saw or knew of the Heizer Trucking Company who was hauling gravel and asphalt for this job. The owner was Haywood (B.H.) and he had a fleet of trucks. I used to ice skate at Holiday Inn when I was about 14. I too remember when this area was a tourist attraction and every time I pass it I wonder why it can't be again. Thanks!

Karen Heizer more than 9 years ago

Afton Mtn. Va.

It would be wonderful to get Afton Mountain back to a tourist attraction. The most beautiful place in the County and it is in shambles...

Brenda Jenkins Southall more than 11 years ago

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