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Whither thou, MBC?

How unfortunate that Mary Baldwin College wasn't mentioned. MBC, as preppy as either of her sister schools, Hollins and Sweet Briar, has met the 21h century with traditional ideals but also a forward thinking approach that will ensure the school remains viable for women seeking single sex education in coming years.

Eliza more than 8 years ago

To Ann Nelson:

This article is far more concerned with how the "prep" concept has moved forward with the times, referencing charitable contributions, the preservation of open spaces in Virginia, and the civility and etiquette largely forgotten by today's society than it is with anything that could be construed as snobbery or elitism.

Leslie more than 10 years ago

North > South

Northern preps blow away southern preps in every aspect...More money, class, reputation, upbringing, jobs,schools,clothes,sports, you name it. And nice sorry excuses for "prep schools"...Come to New England or New York, we'll teach you.

Bryce more than 11 years ago


You got everything right but "upbringing," and "class."

Roger more than 9 years ago

Vineyard Vines

All sounds accurate but vineyard vines is cheap clothing that I can assure you is not sought after by any northerners!

Alice more than 8 years ago

Thanks for the chuckle

"Forever prep" was a fun article, thanks! "Prep" style really has evolved since my whale pants were new, and I feel it's been enriched by modern accessibility. The preservation of civility maintains its appeal through the years, and on this issue: "the more the merrier." Another prep value that I'd like to see expand is the appreciation for and satisfaction with owning durable consumer goods. Speaking of which, I am now inspired to hunt out my monogram pin...

Clary more than 12 years ago

prep forever

I saw a couple of things that looked really interesting but when I read this it made me grimace. Hubby went to UVA me midwest schools but this made me grimmace and reeked of snobbery and elitism. I don't think I will subscribe after all....I don't want a magazine like this even if I win and it's free....

ann nelson more than 12 years ago

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