Fashion Forward

21 clothing and style trends for this year’s weddings.

Mismatched bridesmaid—and bridesmen—outfits are here to stay. Carley Rehberg Photography.

Whether you love the classics or crave cutting-edge style, 2021 delivers. Consider incorporating these looks in your wedding day.


1.  Duchesse satin—a heavy satin made of silk—is a natural fabric in vogue for wedding gowns. 

2.  2021 is all about sustainability, so consider purchasing a gown made ethically and from eco-friendly materials. 

3.  Gowns are becoming more versatile; they have detachable trains and separate pieces that can create different looks for the ceremony and reception. 

4.  Subtly embroidered messages, such as a favorite quote or love note, are appearing on gowns, trains, and veils.

5.  Wedding dresses feature one big statement element, such as puffed sleeves, an ornate belt, or an extra-long train. 

6.  Sleeves, bodices, and skirts showcase details that create depth and add interest. 

7.  Clean lines and silhouettes are stylish, but dresses still include embellishments and striking details. 

8.  When it comes to the wedding party, having bridesmen and groomsmaids are on the rise. Their outfits should coordinate with—but not necessarily match—the other attendants. 

9.  Instead of dress codes, couples are suggesting color palettes for their guests so that photos look more cohesive. 

10. Uniqueness is vital, so choose a smaller dress company or an Etsy seller with limited stock or one-of-a-kind pieces.

11. Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are here to stay, but keep the differences subtle. Use the same tone, and let your ladies select their gowns. 

12. Instead of blue suiting, opt for a subtle pattern—such as herringbone, glen check, or pinstripe—to add dimension.

The Look

13. When considering a hairstyle, factor in a bit of bling. Statement headpieces and sparkly barrettes can make a look. 

14. Hollywood glam is here to stay. Romantic curls and striking makeup give nods to the 1930s. 

15. At the same time, the rise of boho weddings invites trends from the 1970s to shine through. Look for bold eye makeup and center parts. 

16. Autumn-centric tones—such as rust, mustard, and ochre—create a natural-looking yet stunning palette for eye makeup. 

17. Whether it’s a messy updo or a half-up, half-down look, texture is in when it comes to your wedding-day hairstyle.


Cluster and multi-stone rings are still in style. Photo courtesy Xiaoqi Li. 

18. Unique diamond shapes, such as cushion cuts, are fashionable. However, cluster and multi-stone rings are also still in style. 

19.  Move over rose gold; yellow gold is seeing a resurgence in 2021. 

20. Men’s wedding bands feature nontraditional materials—such as wood, ceramic, and meteorite. 

21. Think about longevity when it comes to choosing accessories, such as earrings and hair jewelry. Many brides are purchasing investment pieces to use as heirlooms. 

This article originally appeared in the February 2021 issue.

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